Friday, January 07, 2005

About "palosverdesblog"

I first heard about blogging from Hugh Hewitt, the brilliant talk radio host on KRLA (AM870, Mon-Fri from 3:00 - 6:00PM, Pacific time). On his own blog ( Hugh mentioned that GraceHillMedia are offering free advance tickets to their new movie "In Good Company" to any blogger who agrees to blog about it after the viewing. All I needed to do was create a blog (free and easy on ) and then ask for tickets at How could I resist?

So I created palosverdesblog and now I'm obligated to write things that someone besides myself might find interesting. Presumptious? Definitely! But I'll give it a shot. As a safety precaution I'll invite only family and a few close friends to visit until I get the bugs out.

I'll concentrate on a few areas: conservative thought, politics, and science (the big bang, astrobiology, evolution, global warming). My views will be distinctly non-liberal and frequently iconoclastic. Bombs away!


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