Saturday, February 26, 2005

Challenge Update: Bullshit

"You are definitely right that the wind is with you. Actually I think you meant the wind was IN you, but then that's a problem that you older guys have."

Due to Tom's bum leg, he challenged me to an ocean swim, 1 or 2 miles. Not wanting to take advantage of the poor guy, I came up with a new challenge.

My proposal is a bullshit competition.

From the London Times: "Socrates himself explored the tension between rhetoric or sophistry, arguments intended to persuade regardless of whether they were true, and the deeper quest for understanding through philosophy. In this respect, it is worth noting that the term “bull”, with a similar meaning, is probably far older, etymologically, than the modern bullshit: the original word seems to have come from the Latin bullire, to boil, bubble or froth. At its source, then, the term has nothing to do with barnyard excrement, but rather the appropriate evocation of pure hot air."

Thus it seems just too appropriate that our global warming challenge should involve two grown men sitting in a bar, drinking stout, and pummelling each other with pure hot air.

Pick your venue. I will be there for you.
Yours in bullshit,

ps from the same Times article:

"THE WRONG sort of snow finally pushed Yuri Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow, over the edge. Enraged with Russia’s hopeless weather forecasters, he has vowed to fine them for any more inaccurate, misleading or unreliable predictions. As reported in yesterday’s Times, he admonished them in the following, memorable terms: “You are giving us bullshit.”

Those Brits are funny, no?


Blogger Ralph said...

The Russians have come a long way. In the old days, they would reject the weather when it didn't follow the party line and not expect the media to reflect reality.

1:14 PM  
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