Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dancing Jack

Hugh Hewitt interviewing White House Press Secretary Dan Bartlett:

HH: I want to start with the toughest question of all, Dan. When was the decision made, and who made it, to extract Dancing Jack Roberts from the president's announcment of his father's nomination to the Supreme Court?

DB: Well, being in charge of communications at the White House, I had some role in the family being a part of it, you can imagine my heart stopping about four or five times during that process. Unbelievably, Jack didn't make a peep. I was just expecting him to crawl up onto the podium itself and take over, but... So there were a few tense moments, but I give credit to the boss. He powered through it, despite all the antics, and it's turned out to be pretty funny.

HH: Oh, it was pretty funny, and when I saw the tape on Fox News the other night, there were tears in my eyes. I guess it's every parent's worst nightmare. But the fact is, they exited stage left, and my compliments to whoever the SWAT team was that went in and got young Jack.


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