Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Box of Docs

Cookie and I were taking our afternoon walk at Highridge Park, listening to Hugh Hewitt (me), sniffing trees (her) and watching the little kids at Galaxy soccer camp (both of us) when Hugh put out a call to arms. The Reagan Library had released 80 boxes of John Roberts’ documents and Hugh was calling on his Blogger Legion to adopt the boxes for careful review and analysis, in an effort to get out ahead of the Democrats and mediots who would be scouring them for ammunition to use against Judge Roberts Supreme Court nomination.

Needless to say, I wanted to help. I explained to Cookie that we had to go home but she sat right down and looked in the other direction. I sometimes think she’s a Liberal. So I reverted to plan B: “Cookie, do you want a treat?” It worked like a charm as long as I kept repeating “treat” on the way home.

At home around 4:30PM, I gave Cookie the treat (a banana), logged on to Hugh’s site and sent an email to offer my services, with a copy to the “Generalisimo.” To help my chances I mentioned that I am a physics PhD, retired, and inspired to become a blogger by Hugh’s book (Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation that's changing your world). I understand that kissing up frequently works with Hugh.

Then I waited, while playing Zone Bridge with Judy, listening to Hugh and watching my email box. At 5:17PM an email arrived from Duane Patterson, aka Generalisimo: “you're in. here's your link...make sure you send me a link when you've posted on what you've found...dp”

With real excitement I clicked on the link. Hugh had mentioned the often indescribable tension and high stakes legal machinations within the world's ‘most exclusive law firm’ --the White House Counsel's Office ... and I was ready.

The pdf for “Box 3-JGR/Appointee Clearances 06/24/1983-07/08/1983” opened and I read Doc No 1: “Appointment process personal interview record re Daniel Rathburn,” memo to John Herrington, from Fred Fielding (Roberts’ boss) to the effect that all clearances had been accomplished for appointment to the President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness for eight individuals.

Then came the shock: All eight (8) individuals were ….. MEN. The memo was copied to John Roberts and to Claire, Jane and Barbara, but I doubt if their womanhood counts. Please Red Flag this memo.

Following that was a press release announcing the appointment of HP CEO John Young to the Commission and his designation as chairman. The remainder of the Box was less exciting, though the appointment of males to government positions was a recurring theme. Many of the actual memos, letters and reports were missing, only the covers appearing in the Box.

Finally near the end was a page of notes in Roberts’ delicate handwriting. On 8/16 there was this notation: “Gordon Fields called – no copy of 7/13? (mentioned to him several times before). Sent duplicate.” Could this be an example of hostility to a subordinate, reminiscent of…. John Bolton? Potential Red Flag here.

That’s all I have to report.


Anonymous Ray Rose said...

Good work on your doc review. By the way, I'm convinced that the vast majority of dogs are liberal.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bill....

Send me a link when you get to the good stuff. ;-)


4:17 PM  
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