Thursday, October 27, 2005


With the American death toll in the Iraq war reaching 2000, the stories about another Vietnam (where nearly 60,000 Americans died) are sprouting like black poppies. In Newsweek’s Oct. 31 issue, Anna Quindlen wonders if she will still be around in 2063 or so when the body count reaches Vietnam levels. Will she be a 115 year old peacenik?

Of course, there are only two valid parallels with Vietnam. The main stream media have been beating the anti-war drum and disseminating only bad news since before we invaded Iraq. And the anti-war-at-any-price leftists born in the Vietnam era are singing the same dismal tune. Anna Quindlen is one of the most melodious.

The policy became a moving target: weapons of mass destruction; links to the 9/11 terrorists; removal of Saddam Hussein; bringing freedom to the Iraqi people. Once again we were destroying the village in order to save it.”

One can quibble about the policy, but all those objectives are noble and in America’s best interests. And they are subsumed by the big enchilada which is fighting the terrorists over there so we don’t have to fight them in Palos Verdes, CA. and Rochester, NY.

Unlike the North Vietnamese, these Islamic bad guys have demonstrated a fanatical desire and uncanny ability to strike at the heart of America. The last time it was 3000 dead in NYC and Washington. The next time it could be millions.

The most unattractive feature of leftist ideologues is the way their weak arguments rapidly give way to personal attacks. Quindlen credits Lyndon Johnson for having “the good sense to be heartbroken by the body bags. Bush appears merely peevish at being criticized.” And then there is her ultimate cheap shot: “America's sons and daughters are dying to protect the egos of those whose own children are safe at home.”

Such rhetoric can only come from an elite intellectual who has never had a meaningful interaction with an American soldier. How is she to know how proud they are to be fighting for our country and for her safety? Has she forgotten that this is an all-volunteer army, and that the re-enlistment rate among the troops who have actually served in Iraq is remarkably high?

Quindlen’s leftist bona fides shine most brightly when she bashes her own country: “The most unattractive trait of the American empire is American arrogance, which the president embodies and which this war elevated. It is not simply that we have a good system. It is the system everyone else should have. It is the best system, and we are the best people.”

Compared to the European, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese empire builders America was and is a colonialist piker. Only one who knows nothing of history can talk of an American empire. Is she referring to the Western states, to Alaska, Hawaii? Or to the fact that we have maintained American soldiers in South Korea, in NATO and elsewhere to help protect our allies?

Quindlen says it is unattractive arrogance to believe that American democracy is the best political system. How about the fact that ours is the oldest democracy in the world and the most free? France is in their Fifth Republic and they still haven’t got it right, and Britain does not have our Bill of Rights.

Yet we don’t go around the world trying to impose our system on others as Quindlen would have you believe. The Iraqi’s are creating their own political system the democratic way using ballots instead of bullets.

President Bush realized that spreading freedom to oppressed peoples is the best way, perhaps the only way, to win this battle against the oppressors who would spread their evil throughout the world in the name of Allah.

We have the leadership and the military to do the job as long as Quindlen and her ilk do not sap our spirit. We must not let it happen; the stakes are so much higher than in Vietnam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but where are those WMD's that got us into this to begin with? What happened to the search for Ben Ledin? I guess nobody cares about these any more. I still remember the Presidents promise to America.


10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a speech today, President Bush tried to answer the majority of Americans who believe we need to change course in Iraq. But he offered no plans to bring troops home—just flashy public relations.

Bush's public relations push comes at a tipping point in the Iraq debate. A majority of Americans want troops home in 2006 and former supporters of the war in Congress like Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA) agree.

Members of Congress are changing and examining their position on Iraq right now. It is critical that they hear from all of us. For the next two weeks we're circulating a petition calling on Congress to insist on an exit strategy to bring the troops home in 2006. Will you sign? Click below.

We’re planning a nation-wide round of deliveries two weeks from now, when MoveOn members will deliver local petition signatures to Congresspeople across the country. The more people who sign, the more clear the message will be: we expect Congress to act.

Members of Congress are trying to figure out whether the national concern about the war is reflected in their home district. And things are changing fast: just in the last weeks, Senators Obama, Clinton, and Biden have indicated that they're more open to a quicker exit strategy. A strong showing of support for a plan to bring the troops home will send an important message that our representatives need to do their job.

It hasn't always been clear over the last two years when Congressional leaders might come around on Iraq. But this might be that moment. Two thirds of Americans want a plan to bring the troops home and, as Congressman John Murtha and a growing group of military generals argue, that is the best course we have. That is why signing the petition is so important.

Two weeks ago Congressman Murtha, a long-time supporter of the war, kick-started a debate on Iraq by proposing a plan to bring our troops home from Iraq starting immediately and taking about six months. Rep. Murtha's case is simple.

U.S. troop presence is driving the insurgency, making things worse. Iraq can't stabilize with U.S. troops there.
Iraqis want us to leave—more than 80% of Iraqis in one survey.
The war in Iraq is making America less safe—hurting our preparedness and global alliances.
The challenges that remain in Iraq can only be resolved politically—not with the military.
We need to push our elected leaders to stand firm and insist on a real plan to bring the troops home—a responsible exit strategy with a timeline that starts now and brings the troops home in 2006.

Please sign our petition so we can deliver it to representatives before they leave for the holiday break.

After you sign it please ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign.

Thanks for all you do.

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

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