Monday, January 30, 2006

Belly Monologue Meet Mama Moonbat

This is the story of two women. Since we all know Mama Moonbat Cindy Sheehan, I’ll happily procrastinate and begin with Eve Ensler, the activist who invented the one-woman play The Vagina Monologues. Note that even the feminist Camille Paglia has called the play "ravingly anti-male" and a "painfully outmoded branch of feminism."

Now in her new play The Good Body, Ensler has turned her unique eye on the rest of the female form, shifting her focus north, taking on post-40 belly sags, spreading hips, and other bodily “imperfections.”

Ensler was recently interviewed by Mother Jones who gushed: It’s hard not to admire a woman who looks you straight in the eye and says with a beatific smile, "I love the word vagina."

Mother Jones: Do you think violence against women in the U.S. gets overlooked?

Eve Ensler: I think violence against women in America has become ordinary -- it’s been made absolutely acceptable.

Turning to international affairs, Ensler believes that women in Afghanistan and Iraq lived better lives under the Taliban and Saddam Hussein than they currently live in the wake of America's overthrow of those regimes.

She helped form the group New Yorkers Say No to War, joined the artists network of Refuse and Resist! a Maoist group, and lent her name to the Not in Our Name antiwar coalition, also organized by Maoists.

Condemning President Bush's reference to the "Axis of Evil" (Iraq, Iran, and North Korea), Ensler said that "I have problems with this 'evil' thing. Evil is a really problematic word… Evil is reductionist. It destroys ambiguity and takes away duality and complexity; it says that they are dark and we are light, they are evil and we are good. That's all a lie...There are a lot of things that govern us. But I'm not going to accuse anyone of evil."

Moral relativism, that’s the ticket!

Meanwhile in CARACAS, Venezuela - Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist said she is considering running against CA. Senator Dianne Feinstein to protest what she called the California lawmaker's support for the war in Iraq.

"She voted for the war. She continues to vote for the funding. She won't call for an immediate withdrawal of the troops," Sheehan told the AP in an interview while attending the World Social Forum in Venezuela along with thousands of other anti-war and anti-globalization activists.

"I think our senator needs to be held accountable for her support of George Bush and his war policies," said Sheehan. Feinstein and Sheehan appear to have a fundamental disagreement over whether troops should be pulled out right now.

Sheehan also wants Feinstein to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel Alito. “I’m appalled that Diane Feinstein wouldn’t recognize how dangerous Alito’s nomination is to upholding the values of our constitution and restricting the usurpation of presidential powers, for which I’ve already paid the ultimate price,” Sheehan said.

One of my favorite blogs, Little Green Footballs, recently chose its 2005 Idiotarian of the Year. The candidates included such luminaries as Kofi Annan, Hugo Chavez, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, Howard Dean, Dan Rather, Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan. And the result?

"Despite the best efforts of many Venezuelans to tilt the poll toward the estimable Hugo Chavez, we’re very pleased to announce that the winner of the 2005 Idiotarian of the Year Award is none other than the mainstream media’s favorite “peace mom,” the one and only Cindy Sheehan, shown here snuggling up with – figuratively and literally – hugo chavez. "Her poor son must be rolling in his grave." (Thanks to Dave McCarthy)


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