Thursday, March 30, 2006

Illegal Immigration

The myriad problems associated with 12 million illegal immigrants are being debated in the Senate. Nearly everyone has an idea about the solution, ranging from mass deportation to blanket amnesty.

My friend Helen and a colleague of hers at El Camino College have been discussing the illegal immigration issue with their students, including some illegal immigrants. Their proposals are interesting.

First, enforce the requirement to have a "responsible" sponsor (employer, individual, or corporation) for each immigrant. The immigrant is responsible for the maintenance of his family and must pay for schooling and medical insurance. But the sponsor assumes responsibility if the immigrant defaults. The sponsors must post a warranty bond with the government for each immigrant they sponsor.

Second, issue an immigrant identification card that clearly identifies the individual as an alien with no right to vote in any election within the nation.

Third, seal the borders with fences and use border patrol, military, and electronic technology to keep them sealed while we deal with the 12 million illegals here now.

Fourth, illegals now here must register and pay fines for breaking the law. The sponsor, employer or governments of their home country may choose to pay the fine for their citizens (or the amount is deducted from aid given to that country).

Fifth, illegals here now must become a citizen within five years or leave the country. They must also learn the language and be registered without any criminal activity on their records.

Sixth, babies born of illegals while here are not citizens. At the age of 18 they may apply for citizenship.

Seventh, working illegals pay taxes and they may draw on social security and get tax refunds only after becoming citizens.

Eighth, any family or individual who has been here less than three years is to be deported. They have not been here long enough to be “cemented” in the US like those who have been here twenty years or more. Then they stand in line to get back in to the US. If their countries do not agree to deportation of their citizens, then cut off all US AID/foreign assistance to that country.

Ninth, arrest all coyotes and imprison them for life! Their trucks, boats, etc are to be confiscated and sold.

All these suggestions are workable and some have been suggested by others. The only exception is the citizenship of “anchor babies” that is granted by the Constitution and an amendment would be required to deny citizenship. The idea of a truly responsible sponsor is powerful and could solve a lot of problems. The effect on low wage industries is uncertain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree on 3,5, 7, and 9, but see more problems if the others are inaugurated. I doubt if any employer, or government would back them up if they got into trouble.

Also from what I read about it, I agree mostly with Bush's plan as guest workers. Unfortunately any more amnesty will work against the Republicans as we have seen in Los Angeles now, and all of the Southwest in the near future.

We must change the law about "anchor babies". I have always felt what a ridiculous expense that this puts on the taxpayers. No other country provides this humongous benefit.


6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Another note about illegals. Today I volunteered to cover the Pediatric Surgery Clinic at Harbor General Hospital. Of the 15 patients that we saw today, everyone of them was Hispanic. Five of them required interpreters.


8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm late in commenting here, but here goes...

My wife is also in health care here in So. Cal., working in prenatal screening for a large, national corporation. About half of the patients she sees appear to be illegal immigrants, from Mexico and Central America. Among this group, about 2/3 require that a translator be present at the appointment. My wife speaks English as a second language herself and isn't afraid to ask these people why they don't speak English. She says most of them respond with an attitude of "yeah, whatever." Most of these women also have multiple kids and do not work - and, virtually all of this is paid for by Medi-Cal.

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