Friday, July 28, 2006

Lessons from the Left

(graphic from Blackfive)

Rosa Brooks is a law professor, la times columnist and consultant to the Open Society Institute founded by wacky lefty George Soros. Today Brooks has some foreign policy lessons for the US government.

Lesson One: Although there's a time and place for military force, technological military superiority is no guarantee of success. In Iraq, military superiority is no match for a determined foe on fire with religious or nationalist zeal. [It seems that Ms Brooks thinks we’ve lost or are losing the war in Iraq.]

Lesson Two: If you can't defeat your enemy militarily, you need to take away his motivation to fight. But you don't have to love your enemy to recognize the benefits of talking to him and taking his concerns seriously. [blah, blah, blah -- Make talk not war.]

Lesson Three: Imperfect solutions are better than none at all. Condoleezza Rice thinks a cease-fire in Lebanon would be premature because it wouldn't resolve the conflict's "root causes." It's sweet that she's so interested in root causes, but sometimes you've got to start small. [Isn’t it charming when feminists like Brooks condescend to superior women who don’t share their lefty views?]

Lesson Four: If we want to build a safer long-term future, we need to start giving those root causes more than lip service. It means revamping U.S. foreign policy to dramatically increase our focus on foreign aid, disaster relief, conflict prevention, humanitarian interventions, peacekeeping, reconstruction, economic development, public health and environmental challenges, …. [mo money!! -- but not for Israel -- give it to the UN.]

Got it?? Rosa’s four point plan to make us safe: (1) Stop the war in Iraq. (2) Talk to al Qaida and Hezbollah. (3) Stop the war in Lebanon too. (4) Give lots of money to terrorists and everybody else in the undeveloped world. Let’s examine the lefty plan point by point.

Brooks advises us to stop the war in Iraq because we can’t win. She overlooks the obvious fact that the US military already won the war against the Iraqi military – it was a cake walk. We also brought the country together for national elections and helped the Iraqis create a constitution and a government.

What’s left is an insurgency that we are helping to put down. It's not easy since terrorists hide among civilians. Some day the terror cells in America may begin wreaking havoc, but the last thing we’d do is give up. Right, Rosa??

Brooks thinks that talking with al Qaida is the key to peace. Talking with Hitler (Stalin, Mao, Ho) worked so well. Appeasement has never worked and it never will. But lefties, like maniacs, keep trying the same old things expecting different outcomes.

Brooks thinks that talking with Hezbollah (and Hamas) is the key to peace in Lebanon (and Palestine). Yasser Arafat was a good talker, for a murderer. Are you seeing a trend here?

Finally, (and this one is my favorite) Rosa figures the key to the benefits program is to give the bad guys, and the poor everywhere, money, lots of money. Apparently the aid we gave for tsunami relief, drugs and money for AIDS prevention, food for the starving, and on and on is not nearly enough.

Surely, if we offer money to Osama bin Laden, a multimillionaire, he will suddenly begin singing Kumbaya and hugging his sworn enemies. (That includes you, Rosa.) Israel’s existence? –- no problem. Sure.

Rosa should go back to school and leave foreign policy to Condi and the grownups.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are those who are of the liberal persuasion always talking about TALKING? Why are they always talking about pouring more $$ into a broken system when there are already too many $$ sinkholes? Are they just plain stuck on ignorant? I'm sorry to use that word (my mother always disliked it) but what is the problem here?

Why aren't they realizing who the bad guys are -- T E R R O R I S T S. There's no way to take away terrorists' motivation because they are willing to die to gain world superiority in the long term and some virgins in paradise in the short term.

This is just plain ridiculous. You like the poor terrorists? Then you go talk to them. See how long they listen. You go live in those poor countrys if you dislike (hate?) America so much. All of the liberals should get together and move to a poor country and change it for the better with their liberal ideas -- that will prove they are right. And I'll eat my words.

But they won't leave the land of plenty, the land of promise, the land of the greatest opportunities & freedoms in the world. They just sit around and complain, hate and bite the hand that feeds them.

I thank God that we have military might because these people with their liberal ideas would have US sitting around singing kumbaya just before we got our heads chopped off and our land overrun.


P.S. Notice I never say the U.S.A. is perfect and is always right -- I am not blind to our imperfections as a nation. But we don't go around murdering and stealing in the name of our God. We go around and give $$ and aid and more $$ and aid and then more $$ and aid. Stop hating prosperity and technological advancements -- they have their place in this age.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
Rosa Brooks....well another lefty with a big degree...

Thank God we have a president like George W Bush. He does have a lot on his plate, but he will succeed.

I personally don't read any more lefty's stuff because I ran out of patience....many of them are Jews... It's embaressing....

I'm planning to go to Cosco and get Beef Jerky for Johnny and his friends.


9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another left loonie, and to think they are able to vote!


9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More nonsense theory from the left.


9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE THE CARTOON!! IT says it all.


9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knew this Rosa Brooks piece would get Bill stirred up. It's amazing that she can make these comments when the Bush Iraq strategy is playing out so nicely. She needs to start rejoicing in the innocent lives that are being lost in Iraq in Lebanon, the same way Bill and the pom-poms do. Come on Bill, it must be time for one of your "beacon of democracy" diatribes.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Mafia can be bought off, too. And the Crips and the Bloods. And the Arian Brotherhood. All these people need is a little love and a lot of money, and they will play nicely.


2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me VERY afraid that the dems will make gains this coming election. soros – being the preeminent liberal financier – will surely have a place setting with the dems.


9:14 PM  
Blogger gary daily said...

It is really unbelievable what passes for thought and analysis of the terrorist threat on this blog. Although Bill O'Reilly and most responders on Bill's blog would like to pretend Iraq has disappeared, it remains an in your face example of the limits of war and military power to deal _by itself_ with the terrorist threat in the world. And I say this even if this wrong war, wrong objectives, wrong time initiative had been led by a competent administration and staff.
We're stuck off of the eastern Meditereanean without a paddle, vulnerable and useless in the middle east because of the failure and quagmire and ill feeling created by Iraq. Cries of war, war, war from us have about as much credence as policy as the stuff spouted by terrorists around the world.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with you. Iraq is tragic because it was a mistake in the first place, and now there's no acceptable way out. Similar facile reasoning by the Bush administration is now going on with respect to Israel and Lebanon. The naive assumption that Israel could surgically crush Hezbollah in two weeks and then force an advantageous peace looks like it was as misplaced as the "Mission Accomplished" nonsense was in Iraq. In the eyes of most of the world the USA looks cynical and blustering again while we support the massacre of innocent civilians in Lebanon. The only winners are the Iranians. Why do we keep handing these guys victories on a plate? It isn't to our advantage that 90% of the world thinks we're bullying monsters.

Keep writing. You're an excellent voice of reason on this blog.


6:42 PM  

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