Tuesday, October 17, 2006

United Nations Declares War on North Korea

Ann Coulter debates Kim Jong Il (disguised as Susan Estrich)

The UN Security Council voted 15-0 to impose sanctions on North Korea after the Commies set off a 0.8 KTon atomic bomb thereby joining the elite nuclear club. Granted, the little NoKo bomb was less than one tenth the energy of the first bombs the US popped off back in 1944, still the event has grave implications for the power structure in Southeastern Asia.

The UN resolution stated in stern language that the North Koreans must desist in the development and production of nuclear weapons and that weapons materials and luxury goods would not be allowed into or out of the country. And just in case there was any doubt about the international resolve, the resolution also made clear that violations of these sanctions would NOT lead to forceful response, but could very well lead to more aggressively phrased letters and further sanctions.

Lil Kim immediately renounced these UN statements as a declaration of war. He vowed to refurbish his supply of Paris Hilton videos, and blow off another nuke.

Last night on the O’Reilly show President Bush said he has faith in the resolve of the Chinese leaders and pointed to the construction of a greater wall of China along the Korean border. From Breitbart.com:

China has been building a massive barbed wire and concrete fence along its border with North Korea in the most visible sign of Beijing's strained ties with its once-cozy communist neighbor. Scores of soldiers have descended on farmland near the Yalu River to erect concrete barriers 15 feet tall and string barbed wire between them, farmers said. "The move is mainly aimed at
North Korean defectors. As the U.N. sanctions are enforced, the numbers of defectors are likely to increase as the regime can't take care of its people. I think the wire fence work will likely go on to control this."

Someone suggested that the US hire the Chinese army to build our wall along the Mexican border. At 2 bucks a day per man this move would save US taxpayers a bundle. I think we ought to contract out the government relations part to the ChiComs who will ignore all environmental and employer regulations and complete the wall in 6-7 months.

As the congressional elections draw near the NoKo issue has been morphed by the Democrats into a Clinton triumph and a Bush debacle. John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, said on Meet the Press that Bush needed to reach out to Kim like Bill Clinton did. See picture of Madame Madeline toasting the former “Dear Leader.”

Annie Coulter in a piece titled “Bill Clinton's New Glow Job” explained how it all went down.

In 1994, the Clinton administration got a call from Jimmy Carter -- probably collect -- who was with the then-leader of North Korea, saying: "Hey, Kim Il Sung is a total stud, and I've worked out a terrific deal. I'll give you the details later."

Clinton promptly signed the deal, so he could forget about North Korea and get back to cheating on Hillary. Mission accomplished.

Under the terms of the "agreed framework," we gave North Korea all sorts of bribes -- more than $5 billion worth of oil, two nuclear reactors and lots of high technology. In return, they took the bribes and kept building nukes. This wasn't difficult, inasmuch as the 1994 deal permitted the North Koreans to evade weapons inspectors for the next five years.

Yes, you read that right: North Korea promised not to develop nukes, and we showed how much we trusted them by agreeing to no weapons inspections for five years.

It’s eerie how this agreement sounds like the current UN resolution.

Of course the NoKos immediately ignored the "agreed framework" as even The New York Times finally noticed in Oct. 2002: "Confronted by new American intelligence, North Korea has admitted that it has been conducting a major clandestine nuclear weapons development program for the past several years."

Former Clintonista Bill Richardson claims that the only reason Kim Jong Il is testing nukes is because Bush called him evil. "When you call him axis of evil or a tyrant, you know, he just goes crazy," he said. Richardson says Kim "psychologically feels he's been dissed, that he's not treated with respect."

I have an idea. His dad liked Madeline Albright. Perhaps Lil Kim will take to Anne Coulter.


Blogger Mattress said...

They ought to leave a nice big gate in that wall and welcome all of the poor NK defectors who come streaming out of the country.

12:22 PM  
Blogger L. Riofrio said...

Hi Bill, I am glad that people recognise just how evil Li'l Kim is. One thing I learned from those old Sci Fi movies was that evil exists and must be confronted.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

Oh, but the Lefties say that walls don't work!

That they will just scale the walls anyway.

So....let me see, let's all not lock our doors, the theives will just get in anyway!

How stupid. The idea is to make it as hard as possible, not as easy as possible.


6:16 PM  

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