Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again

I have been accused of being overly optimistic. While conceding the optimistic part, I reject the overly description as an impossibility. But that’s just me. I have to admit that my optimism ebbed for a few hours last night as the election returns rolled in, to be replaced this morning by some disappointment, but with renewed optimism. Spending the evening with like-minded friends reminded me that friendships are truly priceless, and God is in control. (Thanks, Karen, Dave, ...)

The primary source of my disappointment was the strong antipathy to President Bush that was voiced in the exit polls. I believe he is a good and courageous man, and find it sad that most Americans don’t seem to see him that way. I worry more about our troops in the war and our safety here at home.

That’s about as much negativism as I can gin up, so now I’ll look at the silver lining, beginning with the Pelosi economy. For several years since the Clinton recession, our surging economy (Dow 12,000+, full employment, real after tax income up sharply) has been denied by the media and the Democrats. But now, if only the Dems don’t do something stupid, the continued economic growth will be touted. Happy days are here again!

I was particularly happy about Joe Lieberman’s Senate victory over the anti-war Dem candidate. My joy will be complete if Joe decides to switch to the GOP.

Several states approved ballot measures restricting government use of eminent domain and bans on same-sex marriage, thus supporting important conservative principles.

And among the Dem congressional winners were several who should be considered Blue Dog Democrats, who are social and economic conservatives, pro-life and strong supporters of gun rights. Several also have military backgrounds. The Dem newcomers join the 37 Blue Dogs in the House and Lieberman in the Senate. (Freshman Blue Dogs in the House are known as "Blue Pups.") In 2005, the members of the Blue Dog Coalition voted 32 to 3 in favor of the bill to limit access to bankruptcy protection. These guys are not Pelosi-Reed Democrats.

Aside from the socialist strongholds, politicians who espouse conservative positions win a lot more than they lose. A recent CNN poll found that 54 percent of Americans believe government is doing too much while only 37 percent want government to do more.

On the state level I am happy about Arnie’s re-election. He is a semi-RINO but immensely better that the Dem loser.

I am also pleased that the electorate rejected the oil tax (Prop 87) in spite of strong support for it by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Julia Roberts.

But most important was the strong support of Jessica’s law (Prop 83) that was approved with 71% of the vote. I was infuriated by opposition to it by a local city councilman who warned that all the pedophiles were going to move to Palos Verdes and by the la times that opposed lifetime GPS monitoring of child sex predators (too harsh for the now fired editor Dean Baquet).

Finally it is important to note that last night was not a defeat for conservatism; it was a defeat for Republicanism, the party of the Bridge to Nowhere. Senator Tom Coburn (R –OK) said it well:

“One of the great paradoxes in politics is that governing to maintain power is the surest way to lose it. Republicans have the ideas to solve our greatest challenges. If we focus on ideas, our majority status will take care of itself.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this note. I am a few notches down from you on the optimism scale, and have been seriously depressed all day about yesterday's outcome, and the prospest of George Bush getting harassed and abused for the
next two years Like you, I think he is a fine and honorable man.

I talked to a few loved ones, which helped, and just dug in to work on my desk and worked all the harder. That also helped some. This made me feel a lot better.

Thanks again,


6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA fine and honorable man.
good one

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Greg. The prospect of oversight of the disastrous behavior of the Bush Administration is precisely what this country needs. You and the rest of the wingnuts are the ones who cheered this country to the brink of ruin. Thank God most Americans finally intervened.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This year, there is a better example of how a major political turnabout can rest upon a tiny pebble. One word decided which party would win the U.S. Senate. One word gave the Democrats full control of Congress and the power to pass whatever legislation they fancy and to block the president's appointments, including his Supreme Court nominations. Because of one word, the Democrats can now dictate funding for the Iraq war. That word is "macaca."

Because incumbent Republican George Allen uttered that racially-charged word--and because he was captured doing so on video--he lost his bid for reelection. Because of his defeat, the Republicans fell one seat shy of retaining control of the Senate. Reaganite-turned-Democrat Jim Webb appears to have beaten Allen by about 7000 votes. There can be no question that Allen's "macaca" gaffe was the decisive moment in the race and that it cost him at least 7000 votes, if not more. Had he called the Webb campaign volunteer a different term ("jerk") or had the comment not been taped and widely disseminated (thank you, YouTube), Allen likely would have won reelection. That one moment changed the contest.

10:13 AM  
Blogger pappy said...

For me not feeling bad at all. In fact it will be fun being able to criticize for awhile. The only platform they had was pull out of Iraq. Libralism never wins on its own merits.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you think of Rush's comments?

Now, I mentioned to you at the conclusion of the previous hour that people have been asking me how I feel all night long. I got, "Boy, Rush, I wouldn't want to be you tomorrow! Boy, I wouldn't want to have to do your show! Oh-ho. I'm so glad I'm not you." Well, folks, I love being me. (I can't be anybody else, so I'm stuck with it.) The way I feel is this: I feel liberated, and I'm going to tell you as plainly as I can why. I no longer am going to have to carry the water for people who I don't think deserve having their water carried. Now, you might say, "Well, why have you been doing it?" Because the stakes are high. Even though the Republican Party let us down, to me they represent a far better future for my beliefs and therefore the country's than the Democrat Party and liberalism does.

He goes on to say he openly lied to further a cause...

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good blog, Bill. I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. I believe it was on Hannity that someone said the President still has veto power and I believe he will use it.

One of my biggest disappointments was CA Prop 85. Unless it changed since I saw the results last it failed!! I am glad I don't have a daughter because if at 13 she was allowed to have an abortion without my knowledge I would sue the state or kill someone.

I feel the same about our wonderful president. Some dislike him because of his faith. I don't believe he has EVER intentionally lied to us. God Bless Him!!! I am happy for Liberman and I sure wish he would change and become one of the good guys.

Last but not least, I also was very optimistic and that doesn't make us bad people.


1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In spite of the outcome of the election, I appreciated your careful and in depth analysis of the candidates and your recommendations. I am skeptical about the future of this country considering who will be running the government in the near years to come. I hope that the Democrats will have the foresight and ability to take on this responsibility. But I doubt it. It is time for them now to initiate plans, (which I doubt they know how to create), to protect this country from the terrorists, and maintain our economy.


1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Bill – Thanks for a Blog that at least give me a glimmer of hope. It was tough keeping a stiff upper lip today, especially in the socialist stronghold I work in (all day long I heard about the “rejoicing” the “glee” and the “jubilation” they all felt last night).

Semper Fidelis,


1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, I was pleased (and proud of you) to see you depart a little from the typical Rep vs. Dem with your reference to the infamous bridge to nowhere. It's a good indicator why neither party should be in control too long.

I'm reading "State of Denial" for my non-fiction non-Omnilore reading-discussion group--- which has a good mix of left and right thinking members (and I don't mean the obvious, which is that left-thinkers are right). I've read about 1/3rd, and so far it's a detailed examination of Rumsfeld as secdef. Who knows, a quick read might result in an unusual leaning-over-backwards blog from you.

The man really had to go. Bush hated to do it, but he seems to be beginning to open some well-needed blinds here and there.


1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Bill, today is for the birds or I should say jackasses. I really do not have much faith in the American electorate and how they vote. What is even more discouraging is the fact that in this state only 39% voted. I do not like the prospects for the next two years, Bush will not be able to accomplish anything, the Bush haters will see to that, nancy pelosi and her henchmen. Yikes.


1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day after California voters overwhelmingly passed an initiative tightening legal restrictions on registered sex offenders, a federal judge has blocked local enforcement of a provision forbidding past offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco issued the temporary restraining order today against the provision of Proposition 83 at the request of a Bay Area man who pleaded no contest to a sex crime more than 15 years ago, according to his lawsuit.

The suit claims that Prop. 83, approved Tuesday by a vote of 70 percent to 30 percent, would impose retroactive punishment by forcing the man to move immediately from the community where he has lived for more than 20 years.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well said! I like what you said, in fact I like all that you said, especially the reminder that God is in charge!


1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Bill – I hope you’re going to write more pieces like yesterday’s to help assuage my depression over the election.

I’d like to bounce one thing off you and see what you think: I’ve always liked and admired James Webb, ever since I read his very first novel, “Fields of Fire.” I read his resignation letter when he stepped down as Secretary of the Navy and it was a letter that very, very few politicians would write (no holds barred) and it reinforced my belief that he was an asset to America. I’m heartened that he may be a new kind of democrat, and I hope there are more like him and more to come. Still, I can’t help but feel that he’s a traitor. As you can see, two very conflicted viewpoints. Any thoughts?

Semper Fidelis,


1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, You express so well everything I believe. Thanks for remaining optimistic!
See you in church.

Amen, Don

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, God is in charge but don't forget HE is a Liberal. Read the BooK, called BIBLE.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PRIM . I really do not have much faith in the American electorate and how they vote.

I have said the same thing for the last six years. This time they woke up and did not vote out of fear.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally getting around to sitting down...well Bill I appreciate that you can see the silver lining. I can, also. We just go on whether or not we "win" and that's the beauty of living in the United States of America. I don't begrudge anyone for winning for their cause, if they got the votes, they get the win. It will all come out in the wash, so to speak.

But one thing...ol' anonymous who says God is a liberal...?? Where does that thinking come from. Oh, maybe they were talking about one of their gods (little g).

When I read my Bible I don't see God as liberal but as black or white, salvation or eternal damnation, take Him or leave Him, one way to the Father. This is liberal? Not in any sense.


6:00 PM  

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