Saturday, January 08, 2005

Are you interested in these topics?

In my initial post I listed conservative thought, politics and science as topics I would discuss. These are all very large subjects. Thus, allow me to better specify the categories. I am interested in the changes in American conservatism over the last 25 years ( neoconservativism, theoconservatism); the morphing and demise of liberalism; and application of conservative philosophy to the most important problems in public education, secularism, terrorism, poverty. The political subjects that interest me the most involve the growth of the national Republican Party; wresting the California government from Democratic control (reducing state spending in the meantime); and local government activism to push the conservative agenda. In the broad field of science I am intrigued by topics where the orthodoxy of the academic establishment is so strong that legitimate science has been squelched. Such topics include the origin of the universe (Big Bang model); the creation of life by chance (evolution vs Intelligent Design); the potential that we humans are unique; and the mythology of GLOBAL WARMING. That's a rough list of the subjects I'll discuss. The next post will better define the problem with American public education. Have a great conservative day.


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