Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another shameless plug

San Francisco, May23, 2005: FOOD MUSINGS, Chitter chatter about food by Catherine Nash.

U Street Lounge

Marina darlings and their boy toys flock to this Union Street hang-out, so shimmy into your Citizens and get gussied up. A red neon sign alerts you to the lounge in the back, though you can hardly miss the dull thrum of music. If you're there to eat, go early to avoid late-night make-out sessions on the vibrant red and gold accented banquette.

Chef Michael Schley, of PlumpJack Café by way of the French Laundry, is a shy cutie-pie who circulates on the floor to make sure all is well, even directing traffic to the hidden bathrooms. If he knows you like something - in our case, the lemon creme fraiche and caviar-filled potatoes - he just may surprise you with a nibble on the house.

Start with an order of those mini caviar potato shooters or a plate of ice-cold oysters; the duck breast is sweet and moist - we ate one serving and promptly ordered another! Don't let the "matchstick potatoes" on the side fool you; one bite reveals that they're apple. Real fries are crisp and fluffy, and the beef short ribs are to die for.

Some more pub: Collin Nash, the producer of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” recently visited U Street. He loved the space, and per his director’s approval, will be shooting an episode of the show at U Street.

So when you next visit the city by the bay, check out U Street Lounge, a John Lama (ad)venture. "a la familia"...."get the canolies."

ps: The U Street web site has been upgraded. The dinner and brunch menus are "to die for."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U Street sounds like a 'to die for' place!! I can't wait till I am in SF again to visit it!!!

Great promo for your son. I will also pass it along to all my friends and family who love to travel to SF.

10:48 AM  
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