Monday, May 16, 2005

Chien Lunatique

John left for work early this morning and I slept until 8 AM, an accomplishment in the middle of a busy, noisy city. It's just one block down the hill to Union Street and my favorite coffee house " Torrefazione Italia." During my continental breakfast John's friend Adrian, realtor supremo, stopped by to say hello and invite us to meet him for dinner tonight. After reading the SF Chronicle account of the Bay to Breakers event ("Everyone's a winner in city's freaky race") I was ready for some exercise.

On a sunny, cool day I decided to challenge the 89 degree incline up to the top of Pacific Heights. My first stop was just one block up Steiner at the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Lee's girlhood parish church and school. After a prayer for our brave soldiers, I resumed my uphill hike to the park at Jackson, where lots of dogs were running free and easy, another nice thing about the People's Republic.

On Jackson across from the park is a mansion flying a giant French flag. Prominately displayed on the huge gate was a sign: "Chien Lunatique." Leave it to the French to think that we Americans should understand their French warnings. I think it means, beware "Crazy Frenchman."


Blogger Ralph said...

I think it's actually Crazy Dog

12:03 PM  

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