Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Time for Radical Moderates

We just returned from the do for Christine Todd Whitman at the home of a Lead21 member in a new condo building South of Market near the new baseball field. The patio had a great view of the Oakland Bay Bridge. The event was sponsored by the Republican Women's Leadership Coalition, the California Young Republicans and Lead21.

Governor Whitman talkled for about an hour, with plenty of questions, about her new cause and her new book "It's My Party Too." She is concerned about the power of the "social fundamentalist" wing of the Party, and worried that their "extreme" views will drive away moderates. She cited the Terri Schiavo controversy as a case where the religious right coerced the Party into becoming involved with what was to her a family and state concern.

Mrs. Whitman said that the proposed constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage was another such divisive issue, and was only supported by the President because he needs the conservatives to support his Social Security reform.

From her days in the EPA she feels that the Republicans have done a good job on environmental issues but have not sold their accomplishments. For example, while she would vote against the Kyoto Accord on Global Warming, and noted that the Clinton Senate did reject it 95 - 0, she thought that Clinton/Gore were much better at keeping the dialog alive with foreign countries than Bush is. While the US is in the leadership of working on technological solutions we don't get much credit.

She thinks sending John Bolton to the UN will be viewed as another slap in the face to our allies and should be avoided.

She urged moderates to become "radically" involved in changing the Party.

During the QA session I asked what she thought of the Democratic filibuster of judicial nominations. She said it was wrong and that every presidential nominee should receive an up-down vote. However, she would not change the Senate rules to stop the filibuster.

If that's an example of Whitman's Radical Moderation, I'm content to remain a neocon.


Blogger Ralph said...

Both you and Christy do get around. Do people take her seriously? Is she still pushing her book?

5:27 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Radical moderation. Each sort of cancels the other out, huh? :-)

7:19 AM  

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