Monday, July 04, 2005


Words have meaning, but the great political divide in America today is between those who believe that and those who reject it. A good case in point is the Constitution and it’s “interpretation” by the Supreme Courts.

Conservatives believe that the Constitution is a binding legal document, that the words mean what they say and that in the event of ambiguity we should look to the writing of the Framers for guidance.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe that the Constitution is a “living document” subject to change through judicial decree. Of course there is a legal way to change the Constitution through the amendment process but activist judges feel that they know what’s better for us and that the amendment wheels grind much too slowly.

There may be no greater political chasm in America today.

On Independence Day, it is appropriate to think of another great debate over the meaning of the word “patriotism.”

Conservatives believe in the dictionary meaning. A “patriot” (from the Greek patris for fatherland) “is one who loves and zealously supports one’s own country.” American patriots love and support America. That is why statements such as “I support the troops but not the war” are nonsensical. Ask the troops if they think that is patriotism.

Yet liberals today believe that the patriotic feelings most of us share are “reactive and negative.” They argue that patriotism also concerns “a love of privacy and free speech” and many "actions such as registering voters, working in an AIDS hospice, volunteering at a disadvantaged school or raising questions about the Bush administration’s full-throttle militarism.” (Richard Kaye, LA Times, 7/3/05)

Is there any wonder that the Democratic Party, ruled by it’s liberal base, is out of favor. They disparage the true patriotism that the majority of Americans believe in and replace the meaning of patriotism with a mixed bag of rights, good works and opposition.

Independence Day is a time for patriotism, for loving America and for honoring those who have suffered and died to protect our independence.

“Especially today, we must keep the children and families of our soldiers and military in our hearts and prayers - for it is through their sacrifices, loyalty, and bravery that we celebrate this Patriotic holiday.” (Maggie)

And as sweet as it is to celebrate our independence, “we should boldly celebrate something more: our delivery of the gift of independence to millions elsewhere.”

God Bless America.


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