Saturday, October 29, 2005

Christian Girls Beheaded, Prince fond of Islam

Camila, wife of the Prince

complete with head

Christian girls beheaded in grisly Indonesian attack
Associate Press October 29, 2005

Three teenage Christian girls were beheaded and a fourth was seriously wounded in a savage attack on Saturday by unidentified assailants in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, but Central Sulawesi has a roughly equal number of Muslims and Christians.

The girls were among a group of students from a Christian high school who were ambushed while walking through a cocoa plantation on their way to class.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono told reporters "In the holy month of Ramadan, we are again shocked by a sadistic crime ….... I condemn this barbarous killing, whoever the perpetrators are and whatever their motives."

Meanwhile, The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W. Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11.

The Prince raised his concerns when he met senior Muslims in London just two months after the attacks on New York and Washington. "I find the language and rhetoric coming from America too confrontational," the Prince said.

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Bar, was also at the meeting at St James's Palace. "His criticism of America was a general one of the Americans not having the appreciation we have for Islam and its culture," he said.

Prince Charles, who is about to embark on his first official foreign tour since his marriage to the Duchess of Cornwall, wants Americans to share his fondness for Islam.

He urged the West to overcome its "unthinkable prejudices" about Islam and its customs and laws.

He spoke warmly of the West's debt to the culture of Islam ???? and distanced moderate Muslims from misguided militants. "Extremism is no more the monopoly of Islam than it is the monopoly of other religions, including Christianity," he said.

The Prince must be referring to the rampaging gangs of teenage Christian girls beheading Muslims in their wake.

You'd think that the British aristocracy would have realized by now how totally irrelevant they are; not to mention rediculous!


Blogger Ralph said...

Prince Charles represents all that is wrong with Britain. As Lady Thatcher might say. "He's gone wobbley."

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well stated, Bill.
Two thumbs UP!!!


11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm…it seems perhaps even England is falling under the subtle influence of the world’s system.

We must remain diligent!


4:11 PM  
Blogger Dan Kauffman said...
One Year Today, Lest We Forget
Theo van Gogh (July 23, 1957 – November 2, 2004)

3:23 PM  
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