Friday, December 16, 2005

Defeatocratic Demagogues

Well the Congressional Defeatocrats have done it again. A Senate vote to close debate (and end the filibuster) on the US Patriot Act extension was defeated largely along party lines. Key aspects of the legislation that is critical to our National defense (and strongly supported by the 9/11 Commission) is scheduled for Dec. 31 expiration.

The cloture vote (52-47) failed to achieve the 60 votes needed to end the debate. The 47 nays included 43 Democratic votes, 3 more than needed to sustain the filibuster. As a caller to the Hugh Hewitt show put it: The Senate Democrats have gone Ahab. Their hatred of Bush has forced them into an obsessive rage that has clouded their judgment even about their --and the nation's-- survival.

Sadly, 4 Republicans joined the Defeatocrats: Senators Craig (ID), Hagel (NE), Murkowski (AK) and Sununu (NH). These morons deserve to be defeated in their next elections. On the other hand, 2 brave Democrats voted with 50 Republicans to end the filibuster: Senators Johnson (SD) and Nelson (NE) deserve our thanks.

But their Party leaders have gone over the edge with an irrational fear of their own government that exceeds their fear of Islamofascism. Did they forget 9/11 already? And what a feckless bunch they are!

House Defeatocratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that Democrats will produce an issue agenda for the 2006 elections but it will not include a position on Iraq. There is consensus within the party that President Bush has mismanaged the war and that a new course is needed, but House Democrats should be free to take individual positions, she said. How pathetic!!! Do these people think that America will ever again trust them with our National defense?

It must be that the Defeatocrats save all their good ideas for domestic matters. Pelosi, again, said Democrats scored significant victories recently, the biggest coming on Social Security, on which Democratic opposition to personal accounts blocked Bush's hopes to fix the long term solubility of the retirement program.

"Not only did we take him down on that, but we took down a lot of his credibility as being somebody who cared about people like me, " she said.

People like her?? That woman is delusional. She is proud that her Party saved the Social Security program from a long term fix, figuring that the grandkids can take care of that little problem. Her grandkids?? Pathetic squared!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong again Bill. Why do you always ignore the complexities of every issue? Have you not heard of intellectual honesty or are you just not up to it?

This whole Patriot Act issue has had the Republicans in turmoil too (some of them also voted against extending). It's great to see some of them standing tall and putting Bush back in his high-chair.

At last, both parties in the house are starting to provide some long-needed oversight of some of Bush's nastier activities. It'll be interesting to see just how out of control Bush has been on the illegal wire-tapping. Our friend Mr Specter sounds rather angry about that one.

Full marks too to Mr McCain for nailing Cheney on the torture ban. It's interesting now hear Bush talking as though it was his idea in the first place. The guy is such a lame duck.

It's also interesting that you blame the Democrats for all this when some of the Republicans are doing a lot of the heavy lifting.


9:18 AM  
Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

I just hope that the changes the Republicans made cleaned up some of my concerns about the Patriot Act.

I supported about 90% of the first one, but parts in it like "agents writing their own search warrants without having to get a Judge to sign it" and "having the threat of jail just for mentioning that your posssession were searched, or that your liberties were violated" bothered me a lot.

I don't mind being inconvienced, but I don't like the thought of lossing any of the Bill of Rights such as "Unreasonable Search and Seizure."

I blame the Dems for their politizing the war against terror, but I support people like the Conservative Judge Andrew Napolatano who warns against some of the provisions in the Patriot Act.

Bush will go down in History as one of the Best Choices we could have made for fighting terrorism, but the Patriot Act needs to have "Sunset" provisions of every two years on the more controvisial issues and also make sure that the Bill of Rights is never compromised.



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