Thursday, December 22, 2005

Viva la Global Warming

Proof of Global Warming

Montreal Dec 22, 2005: The weather forcast for the Christmas - scratch that - Winter Holiday - scratch that - Winter Party season appears to be a continuation of the warm spell caused by the recently completed United Nations Climate Change Conference. Climatologists note that the hot air created by the thousands of global warming blowhards caused a welcome thaw that may amount to a permanent change in Montreal weather patterns.

On the political front, the Quebec Islamist Foundation published the above picture of women's swimwear as proof that global warming has led to the degradation of Western society. Feminists, too, are outraged.

The spokesman for a feminist environmental group accused men of being the biggest contributors to human-caused global warming and lamented that women are bearing the brunt of the negative climate consequences created by men.

"Women and men are differently affected by climate change and they contribute differently to climate change," said Ulrike Rohr, director of the German-based group called "Genanet-Focal point gender, Environment, Sustainability."

"To give you an example from Germany, it is mostly men who are going by car. Women are going by public transport mostly," Rohr said.

But the United Nations has already begun to take the issue of global warming -- and the roles men and women play in it -- seriously, according to the Gender and Climate Change website. It is important for the U.N. "to integrate gender sensitivity into all mechanisms, policies and measures, and tools and guidelines within the climate debate," according to the website.

Returning to the swimwear, there are some in the conservative community who are quietly saying ... viva la carbon emission ... let's go to the beach.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it !!! Proof positive!!!


6:40 PM  
Blogger Roseville Conservative said...

This post is friggin' beautiful, I love it!!!

11:35 PM  
Blogger element said...

lol, the cartoon is cute.

did you know that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster ( has found a correlation between global average temperature increases and the decline in the number of pirates? it's true!

don't say i never posted nuthin!
cki jr.

12:36 AM  
Blogger SactoDan said...

What's that old saying ''if the shoe fits'', I guess like ''Merry Christmas'', we'll have to revise it.

8:58 AM  
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