Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happiness is a GOP Thing

Pew Research Center

Poll shows 84% of
Americans are
Happy or Very Happy
only 15% are

The recent public survey by the Pew Research Center shows that, once again, Americans are among the happiest people in the world. And these numbers have remained very stable for a very long time.

But some of us are happier than others. Can you guess who?

Married people are happier than unmarrieds. Married people (43% very happy) are a good bit happier than unmarrieds (24%) and this has been a consistent finding over many years and many surveys. It holds up for men as well as for women, and for the old as well as the young.

People who worship frequently are happier than those who don't. People who attend religious services weekly are happier (43% very happy) than those who attend monthly or less (31%); or seldom or never (26%). This correlation has been a consistent finding in the General Social Surveys taken over the years.

Republicans are happier than Democrats. Some 45% of all Republicans report being very happy, compared with just 30% of Democrats and 29% of independents. This is not because their Party is in power, in fact Republicans have been happier than Democrats every year since the General Social Survey began taking polls in 1972. If one controls for household income, Republicans still hold a significant edge: that is, poor Republicans are happier than poor Democrats; middle-income Republicans are happier than middle-income Democrats, and rich Republicans are happier than rich Democrats.

Rich people are happier than poor people. The survey shows that nearly half (49%) of those with an annual family income of more than $100,000 say they're very happy, while just 24% of those with less than $30,000 say they're very happy. Here again politics plays a significant role. Republicans who make the low-middle income of $30,000 - $50,000 are already very happy (44%) while Democrats in that income range are only 23% very happy. Democrats have to make between $50,000 - $75,000 to have 30% in the very happy category.

Whites and Hispanics are happier than blacks. Blacks (28%) are somewhat less likely than whites (36%) or Hispanics (34%) to report being very happy. But among blacks, there is no correlation with income - blacks with a family income of $50,000 a year or more are about equally likely to say they are very happy (28%) than are blacks with a family income of less than $50,000 (27%).

So if you happen to be a married, religious, white Republican with an income greater than $30,000 you are in fat city! Hey,... that's me.

45% of Republicans
are Very Happy

compared to
30% of Dems


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I appreciate your messages...this is a good one.

Tom R.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fat City....hmmm, that's me too!!
(Very nice place to be)!!!

~ Carolynne

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, this is something I already knew intuitively... conservatives are more happy than liberals. I listen to liberals rant and complain and bitch constantly in San Francisco. They are third-degree black-belts in pessimism on every topic, and I sensed this in college with Bush 41, right through the Clinton years, and now into Bush 43. According to the research (Pew by the way is generally considered a liberal-leaning organization), the data confirm that "Republicans have been happier than Democrats every year since the General Social Survey began taking its measurements in 1972."

I am way too confident and optimistic to be a liberal. I tend to assume things are going to turn out fine, and that America is on the whole a great country and a wonderful place to live. I am alternately amused by and feel sorry for most people in San Francisco who are so emotionally upset by George Bush and Republicans that they are willing to put down their own country, and support people and policies not in their own best interest, or in the interest of America.

Well, I guess I could dwell on this a little longer, but I have some work to finish up. Then I am going to meet my girlfriend and her family for some shopping, dinner, and a comedy show. I am looking forward to yet another great weekend. I hope my smiling face doesn't further depress the locals...


6:39 PM  

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