Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Said It?

We’re all familiar with the Democratic Party talking points. Because each is repeated so frequently, however, it is difficult to know who said it first. So for the bored libdem watchers, let’s see if we can identify the nutcases. A perfect score gets you a free lifetime subscription to PalosVerdesBlog.

Dem Talking Points

1. Bush says he is a follower of Christ and claims to support human rights but at the same time attacks and occupies other countries, kills thousands of people, spends billions of dollars on wars.

A. Howard Dean
B. Nancy Pelosi
C. John Murtha

2. One percent of the total US population is in prison. And 45 million people don't have health care coverage.

A. Hillary Clinton
B. Harry Reed
C. Cynthia McKinney

3. Hatred of Bush is increasing everyday around the world. For a ruler, this is the worst message that he could receive. Rulers and heads of government at the end of their office must leave the office holding their heads high.

A. Jimmy Carter
B. Bill Clinton
C. Ramsey Clark

4. Bush can save the American economy using appropriate methodologies without killing people, innocents, without occupation, without threats.

A. John Kerry
B. Dick Durbin
C. Cindy Sheehan

While all of the above are Democratic Party themes, none of the answers is correct. In fact, the perpetrator was one man, and I don’t mean the head of the ACLU.

No, all these statements were made by the Iranian nutcase President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his “60 minutes” interview by Mike Wallace. If the interview were a boxing match, Mahmoud won in a TKO.

John McIntyre on Real Clear Politics found Ahmad’s demeanor and appearance to be eerily similar to Adolf Hitler. Appeasing Ahmad. and Iran has many similarities with the 1930's appeasement of Hitler. In the early 1930's Hitler was written off as a sort of silly looking rabble rouser even when he assumed the Chancellorship in 1933. Much of the world thought that Hitler could be controlled. They were wrong.
We see similarities today, with many politicians saying that Ahmad. is really just a pawn of the Iranian Mullahs. “In his answers to Wallace you can almost hear Hitler spouting out grievances of the Sudentland Germans and the Germans in Danzig when you hear Ahmadinejad take up for the Palestinians, Lebanese, and Iraqis.” He is making a play to speak for the world's one billion "aggrieved" Muslims.

McIntyre worries that no one wants war with Iran or with a billion Muslims. He notes that the relentless advance of technology will make it utterly impossible to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons at some point in the future, and suggests that we need to change the Iranian regime and its current President.....before it is too late.

Clearly McIntyre is right, and we should be doing all we can to encourage the millions of Iranian dissidents. But I believe there is more we can do. The US Air Force needs to strike the Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities hard and often. That will put the damper on their bomb building ambitions. And it might be the thing that makes the unhappy Iranians believe that the US is serious and would support an uprising. I’d take out their air force while we’re at it and as much of the Iranian tank corps as is convenient.

Ahmadinejad, again: “Those who refuse to accept an invitation to good -- will not have a good ending or fate." We’ve tried long enough. Now go to hell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew who it was by the second line. Liz was impressed. Nuke NOW!


10:17 PM  
Blogger gary daily said...

After spending a couple of weeks away from the rants and war drums of palosverdeblog, I am stupefied but not surprised to read that in Bill’s world things remain the same. I catch up on Bill’s blog and find that poverty does not exist in this country, terrorism is due to some kind of other-worldly genetic defect, Condi is on track to solve international problems by playing Brahms, and, if music does not tame the savage beasts roaming the globe-- inflated to monstrous proportions by over-heated ideologically driven imaginations and fear-mongering press manipulation-- bombs, military excursions and more death on all sides will certainly do the trick.

And this is how the righteousness of the pampered right send the young into the teeth of disaster. This impoverishment of thought serves as the stone age policy for getting the nation’s we share the world with to toe our fine, harshly dictated line.

Life must be good in Palos Verde. Irresponsibility of this order can only come from sources that are bathed in fog banks of self-satisfaction and empathic indifference.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I always laugh because reading this blog is rather like watching one of those old sitcoms (e.g. Dallas) where there's the instantaneous appearance of a lot of new action, but over a period of months or years, nothing much changes. There are still the same naive comments, the same tendancy to ignore at last half of any set of facts or opinions, the same contented smugness, and the same routine appreciation from the rather dull fan club. There's certainly a lot of venom generated as Bill moves between Starbucks, PV library, 24 hour fitness and the bridge table.

Most of the more intelligent commentators who have tried to provide insights on the blog have grown weary and have moved on - sounds like you might be moving in that direction too!


4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same old rants and personal attacks from the left...that's what gets old.

Why not address the issues you disagree with? In trying to sound intelligent, you really sound silly and petty.


11:10 PM  
Blogger Bill Lama said...

Life is good, indeed! To have gary and tex play a duet is a treat for my readers.

I guess that you both agree with the Iranian nutcase, but can't be sure since all you do is repeat the same old criticisms dressed up with new illusions (gary) and insults (tex).

If you want to argue, please say something of substance. I'll be happy to reply, but won't waste my time addressing a litany so, like O'Reilly says, "keep it pithy."

Or, as tex threatens, you can "move on." It's the liberal thing to do; and petty too (thank's Dori).

2:14 PM  

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