Monday, October 23, 2006

Vietnam Vets Need Our Help

It’s been fun mocking the global warmistas, but there are many more serious issues. As their evidence is challenged and the public is becoming more skeptical, some of the warmistas are appealing to our patriotism. Do we really want to continue funding terrorists with our petrodollars? Well, there are two primary ways to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

(1) Develop our own oil resources by drilling in all the places where we know there is oil. At the same time build nuclear power plants to supply energy for the hydrogen economy that could kick in by 2050 or so. This approach has only good effects on the economy. This is the smart way but Libdems hate it (both parts).

(2) Force industries and car makers to meet restrictive consumption standards and spend tax money on green energy alternatives like solar, wind and ethanol. The result will be very costly - see my last post - and have minimal effect on oil dependency since those alternatives are hopelessly ineffective. Libdems love this approach.

In their convoluted logic, lose + lose = win. Brilliant!! Anyway, I have more important things to do than dealing with their hysteria.

One urgent need is to support the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation. VVLF was created to better educate and inform the public about the Vietnam War, its events, its history, and the men and women who sacrificed to serve their country. Its president Col. George E. "Bud" Day, USAF (Ret.,) was a POW in North Vietnam for five years, seven months and 13 days. He served in three wars (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam) and earned the Medal of Honor. He is the Air Force's most decorated living veteran.

Now VVFW is under attack from a group of traitors led by a US Senator. You may remember in the 2004 presidential campaign when the documentary Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal was suppressed after Sinclair Broadcasting Company courageously announced it was going to air the documentary in its entirety. To guarantee Stolen Honor would never be seen by anyone the producer was slapped with a libel and defamation lawsuit.

That lawsuit was filed by Kenneth Campbell, a founder of the Philadelphia chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. In 1971 he was one of John Kerry's key war crimes "witnesses," when Kerry slandered an entire generation of men who fought in Vietnam by branding them as "war criminals" in testimony before the US Senate.

Campbell's lawsuit put a unique spin on the definition of defamation:

He claimed that Stolen Honor damaged the public reputations of himself, Kerry and others by questioning whether they truly were the baby-killers they claimed to be!

Now the real Vietnam War heroes are fighting back. The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation has filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas that will test the very foundation of Kerry's anti-war persona for the first time. The lawsuit challenges the factual accuracy of then Lt. (j.g.) Kerry's acrimonious testimony before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 when he portrayed American soldiers as murderers, rapists and torturers "who ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam . . . [and] razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan."

We need to support the VVLF in this lawsuit. Go here to make a contribution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. Bill and the rest of the Facsists truly believe that America can do no wrong. We are a great nation, but we do make mistakes and commit atrocities. The adults realize this and try to do something about. Bill and the rest of the wingnuts just keep parroting "Freedom" and "Democracy" without realizing what they are saying.

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