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Immigration Bill Rates an “F”

In my analysis of the Illegal Alien Amnesty Travesty (a.k.a. the U.S. Senate Immigration Bill) it appears that my bottom line position was not entirely clear. Good friend Ken Sax: “I liked your blog, but I am a bit confused as to your position. Maybe I misinterpreted your statement during the last Moral Decisions Group meeting, in that you thought that the present bill approved by Kennedy, McCain, and Bush was a good one, and that you had read most of the main provisions.”

Ken’s right, my initial reaction to the Senate Bill was hopeful. At least there was a bipartisan group of Senators who were serious about improving the status-quo. The draft Bill contained elements of good policy: a border fence, increased border patrols, a tamper-proof ID, workplace enforcement, immigrant selection based on U.S. need, and an attempt to regularize the 12-20 million illegal aliens already here. As I said, the devil is in the details.

In my opinion the Bill lacks sufficient emphasis on security, but it could be fixed by appropriate sequencing. My first three priorities deal with security.

1. Construct a (double) border fence of no less than 700 miles in addition to the 300 miles of vehicle barriers.

2. Hire and train an additional 20,000 border control agents.

3. Create a tamper-proof ID card and implement the required infrastructure.

No other provision of the Bill should be effected until these security items are completed, whether it takes one year or three. The next steps deal with the 12-20 million illegal aliens here now.

4. Hire and train a sufficient number of deputies to conduct background checks on the 12-20 million illegals in a timely manner, say one year.

5. Take applications for Z visas that would allow illegals to remain in the country, but not receive government benefits.

6. Conduct background checks sufficient to weed out criminals and potential terrorists. Jail or deport them.

7. After the background checks are complete, issue tamper proof Z-cards that are required to hold a job.

8. Fine and/or jail employers who hire illegals not holding Z visas. Deport the illegals.

The fundamental question is whether a permanent Z-visa condition would be good or bad for the country. Victor Davis Hanson wrote today about “The Global Immigration Problem.”

“Given the social costs of illegal immigration, this is not a win-win situation of hooking up our available jobs with their available workers. Instead, it too often turns into a sort of cultural apartheid, where both unassimilated foreign workers and Western citizens are resentful of each other.

Employers may console themselves that they pay better than what the immigrants earned back at home. This might be true, but the wages are never enough to allow such newcomers to achieve parity with their hosts.

Naturally, immigrants soon get angry. And rather than showing thanks for a ticket out of the slums of Mexico City or Tunis, blatant hypocrisy can follow: The once thankful, but now exhausted, alien may wave the flag of the country he would never return to while shunning the culture of the host county he would never leave.

In the second generation, as we see from riots in France or gangs in Los Angeles, things can get even worse.

There is a final irony. The more Western elites ignore their own laws, allow unassimilated ethnic ghettos and profit from an exploitive labor market, the more their own nations will begin to resemble the very places immigrants fled from.”

It’s clear that immigrants who do not assimilate are not good for society and are frequently dangerous. Thus there must be a path to citizenship that has meaningful measures of assimilation for the holders of temporary Z visas. The Republican proposal for 200,000 more temporary workers per year (holders of the new Y visas) is brain dead and should be stricken from the Bill.

Bottom line, the present immigration bill is critically flawed and should not be passed without the increased security measures and with the Y visas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Sorry, but I'm not buying into this one bit. There was a bill passed already requiring 700 miles of fence. How many miles have been built?

We have adequate laws on the books now to enforce the border, as well as punish offending employers. How well have these been enforced?

I'm sorry, but whatever measures this bill may include are absolutely meaningless without the will to follow through.

No thanks!


4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article Bill. I hear you defended our church recently. Thank you. I think many people have a misconception of our Church and the people who go there. Who was the lady and what kind of class were you at? I'm curious.


3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill ~ I really like the way you think things through, and put them into the proper words. My only wish is that you were on my team.


3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, can we conclude that “cultural apartheid” is the unconscious goal of the elites? Or, is it one of the many unintended consequences we find on our way to hell?


3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, but.... OUCH!!!


3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill – Ken Sax is right!! Congress and the President are still catering and kowtowing to big agribusinesses and others who support their campaigns and they do NOT want immigration reform.

Further, One year would NEVER be sufficient to do this many background checks on these folks. You must go through Mexico to find out who they are first of all and second, most are “montanas” or uneducated people from the mountains and the government doesn’t have much documentation on them. Right now our government is so backed up trying to do “regular” background checks on Americans that these checks for illegals won’t occur for years to come!

You must first take care of the border and then you MUST make folks register to be here – for which they get a tamper proof card – (there ain’t such buddy!) and then they must leave UNTIL their background checks come in. The ones who stood in line however and who waited for years to come in, get in FIRST!! They have been waiting for years to gain entry and should be allowed to come in and take any available jobs that are open!!

Once those have been dealt with THEN the ones here illegallywho have registered, get a chance to get in. The employers who hire them MUST pay their taxes and social security and medical just like regular businesses do.

How do you get rid of those here now? TAKE AWAY THEIR JOBS!! FINE any employer who hires or retains an illegal after three months notice. That includes all of us PV housewives who use them as house cleaners and those in congress who also use them as nannies, drivers, gardeners, etc. as well as big businesses and small businesses and school districts, etc. Give those here illegally, three months to get out of the country – the US will provide shuttle busses to Mexico and planes to fly others back where they are dumped at the airports until they are allowed back in! It would cost a lot less to fly them out than to deal with them here. Those who leave first are the first to get in. Those who have lived here the longest get first priority to come back in. IF they have children who are citizens, the children can stay and be raised by a paid person if the people don’t want to take their children with them. Don’t give me the nonsense about splitting families – they do this when they sneak in one by one with a coyote. Some have been split for years!

At the same time, get a process going for those who have waited to get in legally and allow those folks to go to the employers who need them. A registry could be set up and for the folks who own homes here currently, they can rent to those coming in while they go back to their countries.

This will be a start! And it deals with border security and those here now. IT just take will power to make it happen. Watch our costs go down for things like road usage and repair – hospital care should improve as the emergency rooms are not being used as primary care facilities, school will be closed due to lack of students – thus reducing our tax budget and improving the remaining schools here now - Arnold would have the money to give schools where Americans are attending.


3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,
Once again, too sensible you are! The neglect of this issue over the last several decades should disqualify every so-neglecting public official for ANY pension. There are hundreds of other identifiable slow-but-relentlessly-growing social problems that will undo our society if allowed to prosper in the name of that most insidious of personal freedoms, - the neglect of one's social obligation to nip potentially exponentially expanding devastators in the bud for the good of the whole (sic).

I nominate you for Tzar of solving yet another sticky problem! Seriously, does it not frost you when you know a doable solution to a disabling problem will almost certainly not be implemented?


2:21 PM  

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