Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty ???

O.J.Simpson: Not Guilty, of insider trading.

Robert Blake: Not Guilty, of child molestation.

Michael Jackson: Not Guilty, of murder.

That's the only way I can figure it out.

Wait, there is one other possibility. Could it be that the jury pool in California is loaded with moral idiots?

Rumor has it that Saddam Hussein's lawyer has filed for a change of venue from Bhagdad to Santa Barbara. Jacques Chirac and other French fans are preparing a trip to SoCal in order to support their guy.

Jacko has invited the French youngsters to visit Neverland. Only the boys are allowed to sleep over.


Anonymous maggie said...

It's a sad day when we don't listen to our children. I see children every day who have severe problems due to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by adults. Their biggest fear is that no one will believe them .,,, so they keep the secret and the innocence of childhood is gone forever. Alcohol, pornography, sleeping with little boys - how many more willh suffer due to the "childhood" Michael Jackson said he never had ,..

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say here regarding the Jackson verdict...if there was a case here, I believe in great part it was lost by the fact that the accuser and his family are proven liars.

We must teach our young ones (and follow it ourselves) that it is imperative to be truthful because when you need it the most, your character may be the deciding point on a particular issue. The boy who cried wolf learned that lesson.
Dori Medina

5:38 PM  

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