Tuesday, July 12, 2005

SHE was the Methodist

I must be more careful with my inside jokes. In the last post (Kudo to the LA Times) I complained that Lee, “the Methodist,” won’t let me cancel our subscription to the LA Times since she wants the crossword puzzles.

Good friend and blog reader Pam from Tampa Bay wrote about modern Methodism.

“Billy, after your acknowledgement of Lee being a Methodist in your latest blog, I immediately thought I must get out my two manila folders filled with fact sheets re: Methodist political activity.” Pam closed with “I am sure Lee is not aware of what the Methodist Church is today.”

Oh Oh! My little family joke fooled my good friend. To make amends I asked Lee to explain where the Methodist reference comes from.

The movie Life with Father (from the 40’s) starred William Powell, Irene Dunne, Zasu Pitts and Elizabeth Taylor. Powell and Dunne played Clarence (Clare) and Lavinia (Vinnie) Day who lived in NYC. Zasu Pitts (Vinnie’s cousin, Clara) and Elizabeth Taylor (Mary, the daughter of a family friend) came to visit the Days and their four sons. There was an immediate attraction between the teenagers Mary and the eldest Day son, Clarence. Clarence played the violin (badly) and Mary played the piano. They decided to play a hymn, but they couldn’t get the words and tune to coincide. Mary said, “That’s funny, the words are right, but it’s the wrong tune.” Clarence replied, “That’s how we sing it in church.” Mary replied, “That’s not how we sing it in the Methodist church.” Clarence said, “We’re Episcopalians.” Mary said, “I know” in a tone that reflected she knew Episcopalians had a higher social status. Then Mary suddenly exclaimed, “Wait! I just remembered, my father was an Episcopalian! He was baptized an Episcopalian! He was an Episcopalian right up until he married my mother. SHE was the Methodist!”
So they started playing again and the romance went on.

Rent the movie, it’s great.

Helen wrote: "Ahh come on Bill - the Times has many uses - don't throw it out! It makes great table coverage when you are painting, it starts a fire nicely then turns to ash so it can be buried, it stuffs windows when they are broken - give it some kudos."

David wrote: "The crossword in the Orange County Register is much better than the one in the LA Times. There are 2 daily, and 3 on Sunday, including the famous New York Times crossword. Additionally, the OC Register is around $5.00 less per month. And.... you will rarely become upset at the editorials. Which could save you untold stress and future medical bills. Perhaps you should consider changing? ;-) Doc.

Judy wrote: "Hey, Lee probably enjoys reading the Society section as well...no other city has so many famous celebrities in it's society section helping in the community.

Such smart friends!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooiih! All this time I thought you were Jewish. LOL.


12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Blog. Thanks. I have you in my favorites so check almost every day for your posts.

I did go back, when first I rec’d the post from you after Pat’s class. Assumed Lee was from another Christian group.

Two of my best PV Friends are also as you two. He comes to 7:30 AM Mass & then takes his wife to the Methodist Church on Crenshaw ..

Keep up your blogs….


12:54 PM  

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