Monday, August 29, 2005

Zoo Manimals

Warning: Humans in their Natural Environment read the sign at the entrance to the exhibit, where the captives could be seen on a rock ledge in a bear enclosure, clad in bathing suits with strategically placed fig leaves to preserve their modesty.

The eight men and women monkeyed around for the crowds in an exhibit labeled Humans at the London Zoo.

Visitors stopped to point and laugh, and several children could be heard asking, Why are there people in there? Zoo spokeswoman Polly Wills says that's exactly the question the zoo wants to answer.

Seeing people in a different environment, among other animals ... teaches members of the public that the human is just another primate, Wills said.

Tom Mahoney decided to participate since anything that draws attention to apes has his support. A lot of people think humans are above other animals, he told The Associated Press. When they see humans as animals, here, it kind of reminds us that we're not that special.

What do you think the manimals are saying to one another?

How embarrassing is this? Those morons gawking at us actually think we're just animals. Clearly they have no souls. Only in Britain!!!

If you want to see what is happening in secular Europe check out the new book Our Culture, What's Left of it by Theodore Dalrymple a British doctor and writer. A sample of his opinion:

In no country has the process of vulgarization gone further than in Britain: in this, at least, we lead the world. Our rates of social pathology -- public drunkenness, drug taking, venereal disease, hooliganism, criminality -- are the highest in the world.

I wonder if that is a result of believing that humans are just animals, not that special?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm…words right from the pit of hell:

“... teaches members of the public that the human is just another primate, Wills said.”

“When they see humans as animals, here, it kind of reminds us that we're not that special.”

That is what satan has been trying to do since the beginning of mankind’s time on earth… downgrade and destroy the only being made in God’s image. The only creation of God’s that, according the His Word the Bible; He came to earth and died for.

Europe is indeed “dark” with regard to knowing God. May we continue to be a light (THE light?) in the world. God bless the U.S.A.!!


P.S. You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think SOME people do have monkeys as relatives!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Marty MacDonald said...

Humans as animals ?? Hmmmm.

Does this mean that canabalism is OK ?

The Humans had clothing on. Why ? What other animals wear cloths ?

Why didn't we see the humans relieve themselves as we can see the other animals in the zoo ?

Very strange.

10:18 PM  
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