Sunday, September 03, 2006

Video Day

I must be a throwback. Back East in Rochester, NY, I was a TV sports junkie, even following my beloved Brownies to Baltimore and never missing a Sacramento Kings game since they were born the RaChaCha Royals. I even watched Masterpiece Theater and other Public TV programs (”free TV” -- before I realized our taxes were paying for it) and never missed Seinfeld. I resonated with the Lemonheads song: “Video Killed the Radio Store” – “in my mind and in my car”… “pictures came and broke your heart...”

People said California would be a different environment where the outdoors would win over TV. They were right about that. But, like God, the radio store is not dead. Outdoors I love my talk radio and at night it is the internet with songs in the background. Video killed the radio store…

But there is a video genre that I like a lot. They are the little clips that friends send me on email.

General Ted sent this one entitled “Guarding Military Funerals.”


The Patriot Guard Riders began in Kansas in 2005 as a response to protestors attending military funerals. Rev. Ken Van was one of the original members. The group now has an estimated 40,000 members nationwide.

The small town of Girard, Kansas prepares to say goodbye to a fallen soldier.

Resident: “Corporal Bennett’s a hero.”

A helicopter crash in Iraq took the life of Corporal Richard Bennett, just 25 years old. As family and friends gather to grieve, a small group gathers to protest his funeral.

Protestor: “They should have left his carcass right on the ground.”

The words and the signs are meant to shock. This radical group claims soldiers die because God is punishing America for tolerating homosexuality. But the family of Corporal Bennett won’t see or hear them.

Motorcycles arriving

…because the
Patriot Guard has arrived. Bikers by the hundreds, many of them veterans, converge on military funerals as invited guests.

The Rev. Kenton Van of Cheney, United Methodist Church, Topeka, Kansas:
“Because my faith says we can’t operate in a vacuum and that faith has to take action.”

As a veteran and a pastor, Ken Van attends these funerals as often as he can.

“We’re all going to line up there.”

With their bikes and their bodies, they form a shield between protestors and grieving families. Their engines and patriotic music drown out the chanting.

“No family should have to face this type of hatred on the day that they’re putting their loved one to rest.”

Van says even if protestors stop showing up, he and fellow Patriot Guard members will continue to come; to stand together as a show of support.

“Not only from a patriotic standpoint, but also for the people to know that those in the church care about them, love them and God is standing there with them.”

For more information about the Patriot Guard, log onto their website at

Now for something completely different: The next two clips were sent by Lynn in Montreal, Canada (“widereceiver” on Zone Bridge is a good player).

The first is from the Bud Light Institute, a subsidiary of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Thinking. It is called “Men Invented Everything.”

Or at least everything useful…

The next one shows another side of men. They never ask for directions because they know where everything is. It is called “Lost Wedding Ring.”

Thanks, Lynn, I’m ROFLMAO.


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