Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blogging is a Blast

On the radio today, Hugh Hewitt said that there are already 7 million bloggers! Guess that makes your humble pvblog (note the abbreviation) number 7,000,001 or so. Hugh says we are all journalists, and as such are protected by the codes shielding main stream media (MSM). Case in point: Hugh at www.hughhewitt.com links to a story about bloggers who are being coerced by Apple to reveal the names of insider sources to news of a future audio device code named "Asteroid." Let's hope the courts rule in favor of the journalist-bloggers.

A caller asked if Hugh worried about all the blogger journalists corrupting the integrity of the news. (Wonder if that was tongue in cheek - remember Rathergate). Hugh replied that the marketplace will weed out the charlatans and that the cream will rise to the top, as happens in a free market. It's survival of the fittest. The survivors will include only those blogs that are the most trusted.

Speaking of cream, in Blog Hugh lists the best blogs in several categories. Those new to the blogosphere should check out the following blogs that make Hugh's list and mine.

Best aggregators of other blog posts

Instapundit (www.instapundit.com)
Real Clear Politics (www.realclearpolitics.com)

Best analysts, who also provide pointers

Hugh Hewitt (www.hughhewitt.com) not listed by Hugh but one of the best.
PowerLine (www.powerlineblog.com)
The Belmont Club (www.belmontclub.blogspot.com)
Roger L. Simon (www.rogerlsimon.com)
Lileks (www.lileks.com)

Best who mix analysis with theology (God blogs)

Evangelical Outpost (www.evangelicaloutpost.com)
Mark D. Roberts (www.markdroberts.com)

Best humor, sarcasm, parody

Fraters Libertas (www.fraterslibertas.com)
Infinite Monkeys (www.infinitemonkeys.com)

Best blog in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (I hope)

pvblog (http://palosverdesblog.blogspot.com)

Continuing on a personal note, I want to thank Ralph of Palos Verdes for posting the very first substantive comment on pvblog. Give it a look. And check out the blogs above, and buy Hugh's book. And, have a nice day!


Blogger Ralph said...

Thanks for the appreciation. You inspired me to start blogging as well (and I represent no competition to your supremacy in PV since I am a complete expatriot from PV since September.
Some comments and reflections about this move in my first post at http://laxpat.blogspot.com/. (You can see that I have no idea how to create a link just yet) I am more the ready, fire, aim sort of guy as you could see from my needing three posts to complete my communication about schools. And I take your word for its lucidity. Anyway, if you are inclined, take a look at my blog. It is possible that it will develop into something of interest to someone besides myself.
Is one of your objectives to address PV life and lifestyle or is it more general.

10:32 PM  

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