Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Feed the Children

Millions of our fellow Americans are suffering in the aftermath of Katrina, especially the old, the infirm and the children. Radio station KRLA has been rallying support from listeners around the country. Dennis, Michael, Hugh and the other hosts have been encouraging us to donate whatever we can and that one of the very best charities is Feed The Children. Click on that link or call 1-888-58-child. I just clicked on the site and found that every $1 donated sends 7 pounds of food and other goods to the refugees created by this disaster. Contribute $100 and you are sending 700 pounds to the children. This is the best way to help immediately.

Ask your friends, your churches and charitable organizations to pitch in. I’m going to ask the Library to put a link on the PVLD web site.

Hugh Hewitt suggests that Churches are always excellent conduits to the communities they serve, and can be trusted to be judicious yet generous with the aid they are provided.

Here's a list of links to churches in New Orleans.

Here's a list of links to churches in Biloxi.

Here's list of churches in Gulfport.

Joshua Sharf has compiled a list of Jewish organizations in the area that can use help.

Institution-to-institution relief will be the long term solution once the short term humanitarian crisis passes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was well timed and needed.

I did followup.


5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the heads-up on Feed the Children and for taking the initiative to do something about Katrina.

If you don't already know of, it is the site I use to assess whether charities are cost conscious, how they spend their money, and what the CEO is paid. Feed the Children passed with the awesome 4**** rating so it qualifies for my donation.

Thanks again.

Bobbie Pomeranz

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bill -

I was just wondering (earlier today) about the best way to get the most "bang for your buck" regarding this effort. Thanks for sharing. I'm sending $$ right now.


5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feed the Children… good choice. I understand from Dr. Laura Schlessinger that they only take 7% for administrative, advertising, etc. and 93% goes to help people.

Tragic situation in New Orleans.


11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that the media has focused on all the negative things they can - mostly because it's sensational news and they want to discreit President Bush in any way they can.

I also know that my sister lost two homes (one off the beach in Biloxi and one in Ocean Springs), a car and Wayne (her husband) lost his beloved Harley.

My brother lost his business in Gautier. That's what's close to home. Everyone is alive and that is the most important thing. Everything else is just stuff!

I also know that the magnitude of this disaster was far greater than anything anywhere (other than the dropping of the A bomb).

This is only the 6th day and already the response is making a difference. Let's hear it for the US government.

Fortunately for them, my brother's home in Ocean Springs survived (go figure -- it's over 120 years old and barely standing) and they are all there. No power, no water but the cell phones are starting to work. They are hot, tired and stinky. Gasoline is scarce but Bud (brother) had a firetruck (boys and their toys) with two 50-gallon filled gasoline tanks so for now they are their own gas station. They plan to hold enough back to they can get out. Unfortunately, the generator uses diesel of which they are out. They stood in line yesterday for C-rations and also got some water and ice. Their attitudes are good and they are armed! Looters WILL be shot!

An aside -- this is the 2nd time my sister and her husband have lost everything; they had a fire 10 years ago and had only the clothes on their backs. This time they saved the cat!

People are helping people -- to make a racist remark, look at those looting. The "entitled" ones.

Off to help the economy by spending.


12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dad,

Thank you for the Link to "Feed the Children".

Ray and I have been wanting to help and this looks like the best way that we can. Rose Machinery just sent 1000 pounds of food to help the children.

I forwarded your email and hope that my friends will do the same.


10:23 PM  

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