Monday, September 05, 2005

More Lessons from Katrina

A natural disaster of Katrina’s magnitude brings into sharp focus the cultural divide in America. On the one side are the majority of Americans who rise to the occasion; more about them later. On the other side are the “victicrats” and the “blame America first” crowd who can’t even wait until the hurricane victims are rescued to begin pointing fingers, most pointedly at President Bush, then the federal government and the “rich” white folks.

It is now only a matter of hours after any catastrophe anywhere in the world -- a tsunami, a hurricane, a terrorist bombing, LOCUSTS – that Bush haters find ways to blame the President. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina the Bush haters pointed their fingers at global warming (Robert Kennedy, Jr.), the war on terror, the national guard being on duty in Iraq, the tax cuts, the US dependence on oil, and on and on. Forget nature. George W. Bush is more powerful. (Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle).

The radical left even accuses the president of racism. It's been five days [waiting for federal help] because most of the people are black. America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible -- and they've given them (national guard) permission to go down and shoot us! George Bush doesn't care about black people! (Kanye West on the NBC hurricane relief show).

In their hatred of Bush and, by extension, the majority of Americans, America haters join forces with the Islamic terrorists who rejoiced in America's misfortune, giving the storm a military rank and declaring that 'Private' Katrina had joined the global jihad. (Associated Press)

Victicrat Al Sharpton went on TV to say that looters are people who pay their taxes, whose infrastructure caved in on them. It’s fine with Sharpton to steal drugs and flat screen TVs because the country let them down. Sharpton’s answer: the looters were planning to use those things to barter for food and water. In a pig’s eye!

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin cries out for the federal government when he knows that it was his responsibility to evacuate those poor people before the flood, and he failed them. Unfortunately, many of those affected by Katrina have, in one way or another, been crying, "Where's the federal government?" all their lives. And their lives are more miserable for it. (Investors Business Daily).

There are now a few hundred thousand of the entitled class dispersed to cities such as Houston and Baton Rouge, overfilling the local welfare rolls and straining the social institutions. Many will never leave. Perhaps they will strive to lead productive lives now that they are removed from the crippling oppression of the New Orleans welfare plantation.

So what of the other America, the majority who pay their taxes, know that the federal government is elephantine in it’s response to local disasters, expect their local officials to be competent and still rely mostly on themselves and their neighbors? You know: those who live primarily in “red” cities. Well, read this letter from my good friend Betty.

My sister Mickey and her husband Wayne lost two homes, one off the beach in Biloxi and one in Ocean Springs, a car, and Wayne lost his beloved Harley. Talked to Mick today and they were standing in a Salvation Army line. This is the second time my sister and her husband have lost everything; they had a fire 10 years ago and had only the clothes on their backs. This time they saved the cat!

My brother Bud lost his business in Gautier. Bud is depressed because of the damage to Hucks - they may be able to reopen in the spring - plus he's worried about their employees. Fortunately for Bud and JoAnn, their home in Ocean Springs survived (go figure -- it's over 120 years old and barely standing) and they are all still there. No power, no water but the cell phones are starting to work. They are hot, tired and stinky.

Gasoline is scarce but Bud has a fire truck (boys and their toys) with two filled 50-gallon gasoline tanks so for now they are their own gas station. They plan to hold enough back so they can get out. Unfortunately, the generator uses diesel of which they are out. They stood in line yesterday for C-rations and also got some water and ice. Their attitudes are good and they are armed! Looters WILL be shot!

That's what is close to home. Everyone is alive and that is the most important thing. Everything else is just stuff!

I also know that the magnitude of this disaster was far greater than anything anywhere (other than the dropping of the A bomb). This is only the 6th day and already the response is making a difference. Let's hear it for the US government…… Betty

Pray for Betty's all-American family and for all the others who are in such great need. And send money to Feed the Children.


Anonymous Judy said...

Bill: Continue your fine effort at alerting us to the wonderful resilient people in the good ole USA. The nay-sayers seem to have a greater hold on the media. Yet, we see the accomplishments made with the relief efforts in New Orleans and throughout the affected areas already.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am so blooming tired of the liberal left Bush hating jerks, who find it so easy to finger point but no solutions themselves. I have attended emergency preparedness talks one being the CHOA meeting with Deputy Dog. The one thing I remember is that in any emergency disaster situation you will be on your own for at least 72 hours. People have to take some responsibility for themselves, which they did not do in New Orleans. That being said, the beefed up rescue operations began within the 72 hour time frame, therefore finger pointing is unwarranted, but you know the liberal loudmouths. And to try to make a racial issue out of this is just doubly insipid. Believe me, if I were told to evacuate my home, I would do so and not depend on others. I already have a mental plan on what I would take and do. Enough of my soap box, hope you and Lee are enjoying the Labor Day.


4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disgusted with all the crap being slung at the President. He is such a wonderful person; he just goes on with buisness and doesn't lower himself to the Democrat standards of WHEN YOU ARE GUILTY BLAME SOMEONE ELSE.

The only reason the Mayor and Gov. are speaking up is to get the attention away from them. The blame should be directed at where it belongs (STATE AND CITY FIRST). Why didn't the IDIOTS(MAYOR AND GOV) evacuate those people who didn't have a way out before the storm got there? Where were they,crawling to some safe place for themself? This may not have happened if they had taken care of the Levee problems years ago.

The Gov. is another Hillary Clinton(I won't go there) and the Mayor got his degree in four letter words. Seems like that is all he knows what to do curse!!!!!

I feel so sorry for the innocent people, but I am not giving one RED CENT, because of the Kanya Wests,Jessie Jacksons(you notice I didn't put Rev),CNN,NBC,CBS,ABC and all of those stupid people saying it is a BLACK and WHITE thing and blameing the Pres.for their shortcomings!

Why is all the attention being put in La? Mississippi and Alabama had just as much damage. Maybe it is a Black/White thing but wait a minute the people in Miss and Ala. are white. Why aren't they getting all the attention? What if it was reversed and New Orleans was mostly white and Biloxi,etc. was black. Oh forget it you can't win!!

Sorry about all the ranting but I am so ANGRY. I probably don't make any sense and the spelling is probably worse. Oh Well maybe it is because I'm WHITE!!


4:21 PM  
Anonymous Pamela Cleveland said...

Thanks Bill! Knowing we conservatives speak with one voice is so cool. And what is real neat? We have our voices heard by wise bloggers like you!
God speaks in thunder and He speaks in a whisper.The metaphysical catastrophies are mysteries ( yet Biblical) as to the "why of it all" when so much death occurs ; but the quiet, compassionate response of individuals and churches is how God responds in love.
Let the rant of liberals (Maureen Doud pretty much called Bush a murderer in her column today)be heard. Makes no difference in the lives God touches. And God will NOT be mocked. Onward Christian Soldiers in His tender whisper of love.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Pamela Cleveland said...

Earth, wind, fire and water.
1906: An earthquake left one of theeeee most beautiful cities, San Francisco, in rubble; fires burned for 3 days!
1871: The Chicago fire destroyed 18,000 buildings and left as many as 100,000 homeless.
And tsunami and Katrina of today..
There is always hope! :))

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It’s no wonder that Betty is your good friend.


9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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