Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Trouble in River City

For months now the big media has touted the upcoming upheaval in the US Congress when the Republicans are supposed to get their long overdue comeuppance. Dem’s claim they will capture both houses of congress and that impeachment hearings will be among their first priorities next year. Bush must go; Chaney too. But while the media crow and the Dem’s beat their chests, there are hints of unease.

A recent book Building Red America: The New Conservative Coalition and the Drive for Permanent Power, by Thomas B. Edsall, explains why Republicans can maintain "a thin but durable margin of victory" largely due to their "symbolic manipulation of controversial socio-cultural issues touching upon national security, patriotism, race, sex, and religion."

It appears that the Republicans are winning the national security, patriotism, race, sex, and religion issues. Too bad, Dem’s.

In response to the GOP opposition to socialized government, Edsall admits that: "The monopoly nature of government guarantees that the public services will often lag in quality behind those delivered in the competitive private sector." This failure has led to "the declining credibility of non-market solutions to economic problems" and the demoralization of "backers of a redistributive agenda." This guy must be a closet Republican.

But when he addresses the little problem of 70 percent of African-American children born to unmarried mothers, he establishes his liberal bona-fides with this astonishing passage:

"To social conservatives," he writes, "these developments have signaled an irretrievable and tragic loss. Their reaction has fueled, on the right, a powerful traditionalist movement and a groundswell of support for the Republican Party. To modernists, these developments constitute, at worst, the unfortunate costs of progress, and, at best -- and this is very much the view on the political left as well as of Democratic Party loyalists -- they constitute a triumph over unconscionable obstacles to the liberation and self-realization of much of the human race."

Remember, here he is talking about what he calls the "freedom from the need to maintain the marital or procreative bond" (70 percent bastard rate) clearly responsible for most social pathologies, from black men in jail at hugely disproportionate rates to fifty percent high school dropout rates.

God protect us from liberals and Democrats.

Fortunately the country is awakening from their summer slumber and starting to pay attention to the November congressional races.

Consequently the president’s approval rating has risen to 44% in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, up from 39 percent just a month ago. And even more important for the November election, the poll also showed likely voters evenly divided (48%-48%) between Democratic and Republican candidates for Congress.

The new poll found likely voters prone to vote for candidates who support Bush on terrorism, 45%-28%. For the first time since December 2005, a majority of people did not say the war there was a mistake; the split was 49%-49%.

These are voting trends that will continue as the Republican candidates get their messages out and as the electorate begin to understand the Demo positions on all the important issues of our time. Frightening!

I’ll predict right now that the GOP will lose neither chamber of congress and may even gain a seat or two. And Democrats will be pulling their eyebrows out. Trouble!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Bill, I hope and pray you’re right.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...



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Blogger Gayle said...

I think you are right, Bill, even though I don't put much stock in polls, even when they favor my party. The reason I think you are right is because I don't believe that the majority of Americans are quite as stupid as the majority of the MSM and the Democratic party leaders seem to believe. We now have alternate media. Rush has been informing the public via radio for many years, and other conservative talk-show hosts have followed his lead. We also have the internet and it is making a huge difference. I've listened to the MSM complain about "bloggers" many times. They don't like us! Isn't that great? The NYT's and other left-wing rags are losing their subscribers, so these are the main reasons I believe you are right.

We conservatives don't get out and make a bunch of squawking noises like the liberals do; what we do is make our voices heard at the voting booths. :)

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