Monday, January 24, 2005

Does Ramsey Clark defend dictators pro bono?

If you want an example of the contempt for America that motivates the radical left, one only needs to read Ramsey Clark’s rationalization of his offer to defend Saddam Hussain. The former Atty. Gen. under President Johnson contends that Hussain will not receive a “fair” trial and that the United States is to blame. “The United States has already destroyed any hope of legitimacy, fairness or even decency by its treatment and isolation of the former president and its creation of the Iraqi Special Tribunal to try him.” Clark believes that the U.S. has a vested interest in railroading the bloody dictator of atrocities against his own people. "The United States, and the Bush administration in particular, engineered the demonization of Hussein, and it has a clear political interest in his conviction." Like all good leftists Clark believes in the supremacy of “international law” over Iraqi law. “International law requires that every criminal court be competent, independent and impartial. The Iraqi Special Tribunal lacks all of these essential qualities.” And Clark wants to make sure that all the guilty are held accountable, most especially the United States. “Finally, any court that considers criminal charges against Saddam Hussein must have the power and the mandate to consider charges against leaders and military personnel of the U.S., Britain and the other nations that participated in the aggression against Iraq, if equal justice under law is to have meaning.” There you have it, the contorted, America-bashing rant of a prominent liberal lawyer. One wonders whether Clark has offered his services pro bono or does he expect to share in the oil-for-food money? In a few days the Iraqi’s will hold their election and it will be up to them to deal with their mass murderer. I am confident that justice will be done.


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