Saturday, January 15, 2005

What Liberals Think About America

Have you noticed that liberals don't really want us to know what they think? Of course I'm talking about substantive issues and policy matters. It is quite clear that they think George Bush is the devil, and they hate the neocons and the Iraq war. But contrast the behavior of the two parties in the past presidential campaign. It was consistently crystal clear what President Bush believed about the war on terror, Iraq, taxes, freedom, social security, education and marriage. He was so consistent that the liberals accused him of being simplistic, not nuanced like they are.

So what did the Democrats and John Kerry truly believe? I can guess, but they did their best to conceal it from the public. Kerry voted for the war, and for the $87B, before he voted against it, but he believed it was the wrong war at the wrong time, but he would vote for it again, but not for actually going to war, only to give Bush the option, and we didn't find the WMD so it was a mistake, but he was glad Sadaam was out of power, but it was not worth offending our allies, but we don't have enough troops, so we need a draft, but ....... It was enough to make your head hurt. And it was nearly the same on every substantive issue.

So why the obfuscation? As Rush says, Democrats can't afford to let the voters know the truth. As the campaign moved on and the voters came to know Kerry better, his liberalism became apparent; of course, he was soundly defeated. This in spite of the fact that a majority of Americans were discouraged about the war and the economy.

The upshot is that while Americans generally know what conservatives think, since we tell them, they are most often confused about what the liberals think. In order to maintain and grow our Republican political dominance, it is important to reveal to the moderate voters just what the liberals really think. Thus I will devote several blog posts to that expose'.

In this post I'll expose the liberal attitude about our country. Do you think that liberals love America? If you ask liberal politicians what they think about America, you will wind up with a plateful of platitudes. That is why I have chosen to quote a prominent liberal academic, and not a kook like Noam Chomsky. In his recent book "The European Dream" Wharton School Fellow Jeremy Rifkin explains how "Europe's vision of the future is quietly eclipsing the American dream." Wow! Sounds bad! According to Rifkin:

"The American dream is far too centered on personal material advancement and too little concerned with the broader human welfare to be relevant in a world of increasing risk, diversity and interdependence."

Well darn! Maybe we are selfish cheapskates like that UN guy from Norway said. And irrelevant to boot. By contrast Rifkin says of the Europeans:

"The European dream emphasizes community relationships over individual autonomy, cultural diversity over assimilation, quality of life over accumulation of wealth, sustainable development over unlimitted material growth, deep play over unrelenting toil, universal rights and the rights of nature over property rights, and global cooperation over the unilateral exercise of power."

Now, that's the ticket, don't you think? Down with individual rights, "e pluribus unum," material growth, work, property rights and self defense. But I just report, you decide.


Blogger Laura said...

I think you are making a common mistake that most conservatives tend to make. You assume that since we don't agree with your opinions, we have no valid opinions of our own. Let me tell you a few things that liberals really believe.

1.) America is a wonderful country that could be better. Why conservatives get so bent about this, I don't know.

2.) The constitution is a fabulous document that has been bastardized and abused to further the needs of the conservatives.

3.) War is wrong. Even when it is inevitable it is still wrong. We as human beings do not have the right to take the lives of other human beings, regardless of what actions other human beings have committed.

I could go on and on, but I won't. After all, it isn't as if you would take a moment to ponder something a liberal would say and pretend like it has meaning.

5:46 PM  

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