Friday, January 14, 2005

PVBlog mentioned on the Michael Medved show

I was delighted to hear the PVblog mentioned by Michael Medved the day after I plugged his new book (Right Turns). I even received an email from Brian in Phoenix whose wife heard Michael discuss my post. Today Michael reviewed the new movie "In Good Company." It sounded great.

Medved is a movie reviewer who I trust. Check out the reviews at his web site Following are exerpts from his archives.

In “Million Dollar Baby” Hillary Swank plays an ambitious boxer who wants to recruit a new trainer.

Clint Eastwood acted and also directed this critically acclaimed film that focuses on a cluster of hard luck characters, including Morgan Freeman getting one last shot at the big time. But Warner Brothers never tells you the truth about a key plot twist that turns this pedestrian boxing movie into an insufferable manipulative right to die movie. With one of the characters horribly handicapped begging for assisted suicide. While the movie kills itself with lots of kooky narration. Rated PG-13 but totally unsuitable for kids. 1 1/2 Stars for the shamelessly overrated, misleadingly marketed “Million Dollar Baby.”

Two pals participate in a pre wedding adventure in the quirky independent hit “Sideways”.

So a frustrated novelist and a struggling actor go off on a golf and wine tasting expedition but in the process encounter some unexpected involvements. Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church are both legitimate Oscar contenders in an unconventional movie that is simultaneously very funny and very sad. Some moviegoers will dislike the company of characters who are for the most part humiliating losers. And there is a strong R rating for intense sexual content and nudity. 3 Stars for the adults only but expertly eloquent “Sideways”.

Nicolas Cage chases a secret map on the back of the Declaration of Independence in “National Treasure”.

And there’s lots of entertainment value in this smart rollicking romp, which comes to a temporary halt when Cage is arrested by FBI man Harvey Keitel. And everyone’s got to see this movie. Because with its family friendly PG rating it’s one of the most enjoyable releases of the year. In the tradition of Indiana Jones the adventures put together complex clues of an elaborate mystery that actually teaches something about the early history of our country. 3 1/2 Stars for “National Treasure” which is a natural pleasure.

The British Oscar contender “Vera Drake” focuses on an illegal abortionist in 1950.

Imelda Staunton has be heavily touted for a best actress nomination for her one dimensional saintly role as a middle aged working class woman who gets in trouble with the law for unpaid efforts at terminating pregnancies. “Vera Drake” has been outrageously over praised because of its pro-abortion messages. But it’s actually a dreary monochromatic exercise that drags out a small amount of dramatic material into almost insufferable length. Rated R for its graphic and affectionate portrayal of abortions. 2 Stars for the appallingly over rated “Vera Drake”.

In the “Aviator” Leonardo DiCaprio plays a legendary airplane designer and Hollywood producer.

After their disappointing collaboration on “Gangs of New York” DiCaprio and Director Martin Scorsese team this time in a stirring account of the romantic movie making, industrial and political adventures of an all together amazing life. A great supporting cast lead by Cate Blanchett as Howard Hughes lover, Katherine Hepburn lends depth to a story that features both intense moment of heroism and insanity. Rated PG-13 for sex references and truly horrifying air crash sequences. 4 Stars for the soaring “Aviator”


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