Thursday, January 13, 2005

How the Left Harms America

"It is always unfortunate when political litmus tests are put before what is in the best interest of our children." So spoke Margita Thompson, spokesperson for Governor Schwarzenegger in reference to the Democrats' rejection of the reappointment of Reed Hastings to the California Board of Education. One would think that Hastings must be a Republican, probably a tax cutter, in favor of school vouchers and "No Child Left Behind." It is a surprise to find that Hastings is a Democrat, appointed to the Board by Democrat Grey Davis, and a major doner to Democrat campaigns and causes. So what was Hastings' sin?

As Board of Education chairman, Hastings favored English reading instruction of immigrant children and opposed "bilingual" education. But this seems like a reasonable viewpoint when one considers that the state's experiment in bilingual education has been a dismal failure; that every study shows that immersion in English is the best route to educational success; that the majority of foreign born parents want their children to be educated in English.

Led by Sen. Martha Escutia, the Left wing of the Democratic Party opposed Hastings because "he had not shown enough empathy for the concerns of Latino parents." Forget about what is best for the children. The Left cares more about their political power. And the Democratic Party ignores their majority and the California teachers, pandering, instead, to a Left wing special interest group. "I'm ashamed today to be a Democrat" said Steve Barr, president of a charter school group.


Blogger Ralph said...

The only thing noteworthy in this incident is that it has been noticed. This has been going on for at least ten years but only with Governor Schwarzenegger (wow - I never actually had to spell that name before) is it being called out. It is such a joy to listen to that man speak common sense and refuse to play nice with with the Democrat bullies. I was so suspicious of him as a candidate at first since Republican candidates in California mostly treat voters like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. No wonder the rank and file are so demoralized. He exposes the Democrats and their actions as foolish and contemptious and the people are noticing and beginning to feel hopeful again.

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