Monday, January 17, 2005

The Frog Who Farted

A woman approached the children's librarian and asked for a book called "The Frog Who Farted." The librarian could not find it in the catalog. When the woman asked the librarian to order it, she replied that it would be inappropriate; that the library chooses children's books that are uplifting as well as entertaining. The patron was outraged. How could the library make such a value judgement? Don't they believe in the first ammendment? Is the librarian an evangelical bigot?

The wonderful Dennis Prager related this story on his radio show today as an example of "secular fundamendalism." The secular left bastardizes the Constitution for their own radical purposes. Prager's show today was dedicated to defending the cross on the seal of LA county in honor of the great Martin Luther King. The leftist ACLU had demanded that Los Angeles remove the tiny cross as it violates the "wall between church and state." Such is their bizzare interpretation of the establishment clause. Like the library patron, the ACLU misuses the Constitution's first ammendment in its never ending campaign to transform America into a European clone.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin praised Pragger, a Jew, for defending the Christian cross. Dennis replied that his action is purely selfish, that maintaining the symbols of our Judeo-Christian heritage is good for America and good for Americans. We Judeo-Christians need to stand together against the forces of darkness.

Rabbi Lapin heads an organization Toward Tradition ( that is "a national coalition of Jews and Christians seeking to advance the nation toward traditional, faith based, American principles."

Go to the web site to join in the fight to save the cross. We have only another month to gather the required number of signatures on the petition that will stop the County from removing the cross. History matters. So do symbols. And our Judeo-Christian creed must be defended against the secular anti-American left.


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