Sunday, January 16, 2005

What Liberal Laura Thinks

I want to thank blog reader Laura for her interesting comments about my post on 1/15/05 ("What Liberals Think: Part 1"). Laura's feedback is both revealing and pleasantly confirming.

Laura first assumes I believe that liberals have no opinions of their own, when the exact opposite is true. I fear that liberals have very harmful opinions and that most political liberals hide those opinions. But Laura is no politician, she states her opinions quite clearly.

1. America is a wonderful country that could be better.

Laura begins with a platitude, then hides her real belief. Is America the very best of countries or is America inferior to Europe as Jeremy Rifkin contends? That was the question. What does Laura believe?

2. The Constitution is a fabulous document that has been bastardized and abused to further the needs of conservatives.

Again, Laura starts with a platitude, followed immediately by an adhominem attack supported by zero facts. How, exactly, has the Constitution been "reduced from a higher to a lower state or condition?" And what conservative has done the dastardly deed? Perhaps there is some confusion with liberal activist judges.

3. War is wrong. ........... We as human beings do not have the right to take the lives of other human beings regardless of what actions other human beings have committed.

Well, gollleeee! Guess we should have ignored those Nazis, and turned the other cheek on Pearl Harbor, and never mind the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. War is wrong. See why I said liberals are dangerous!!!


Blogger Ralph said...

What Laura does not say is interesting as well. How could America be better. She doesn't say. I think America could be better as well. I could be better. You could be better. So what? Ten to one she and I would not agree.
The constitution is a fabulous document which has been bastardized and abused by conservatives. Possibly this is how America could be better - less constitutional abuse. How about some more restrained judges who won't invent new rights since the courts seem to be the only way to change the constitution.
War is wrong - without exception?
It seems that Laura is saying that America is a great but flawed country that has no right to defend its people from attack for whatever reason. Unless she would rather live in some other great but flawed countries (Saudi Arabia for example), it appears that we have no choice but defend ourselves.
She thinks that she is on the moral high ground but that ground is safe only so long as it is defended by force.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

You said I proved your point, well...I would like to thank you for proving mine. As usual, conservatives disagree with a liberal opinion and therefore simply dismiss it as being foolish.

Yes, America could be better. It could be a country where the American Dream is a genuine possibility for all Americans not just the priveleged few from a certain socio-economic status. It could be a country that allows all people, regardless of race, gender, religion and yes, (that horror of horrors) sexual orientation to live a life free of harassment and discrimination. It could be a country where education and healthcare are available to all people, not just those who can afford it.

And yes, war is wrong. Always. We should never enter into war easily and with glee as this administration has done. We should not assume that it is our job to tell other people in other countries how to live. And supposing that a county really does need to be rid of it's inhumane dictator, we should never take it upon ourselves to do so without the support of the U.N. and it's member states.

But, the U.N. is an ineffective institution you are undoubtedly thinking. And my question to you is, how can it be effective without the support of it's most powerful member state? A government or global institution is only effective when it holds more power than it's states. And yet we keep robbing the U.N. of power by assuming that if someone doesn't agree with us, they are wrong and can be ignored.

Conservatives spout democracy and freedom, but what they really mean is democracy and freedom for all the people who think like they do.

2:35 PM  

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