Monday, September 12, 2005

Bear Flag League

Today I received the following email:

Dear William,Welcome!
You are now the newest official member of the Bear Flag League (BFL)!
I have successfully added your blog to the BFL blogroll.

The Bear Flag League is a consortium of Conservative bloggers who are current or former residents of the State of California.

We enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow Left Coast bloggers and the spirit and struggle of being in the minority as Conservatives living awash in a sea of Liberals.

Does this sound great, or what? I heard about BFL from new friend Jeff Lewis who says "you should see a jump in traffic to your site now."

Jeff has a blog called SoCal Law Blog that is listed among my favorites. Today's post is about Ellen Simonetti, a former Delta Air Lines flight attendant who says she was fired weeks after she posted photos of herself in uniform on her blog, Diary of a Flight Attendant. Ellen has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the airline. Check it out on Jeff's blog.

You can find the BFL link as well as a list of 25 League blogs chosen at random on my list of links. Enjoy!!


Anonymous SoCal Lawyer said...

Welcome to the league. Thanks for the links!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...


8:00 AM  
Anonymous Carolynne said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

11:17 AM  
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